roadtrip1 day 02


Early start, 6am alarm. Made a cup of tea at the hotel breakfast but waited till we were on the road before having proper breakfast at Denny’s. I had blueberry pancake with bacon, eggs and hashbrown. Quite nice, the type of comfort food that is filling and familiar.


The day was spent driving and driving and driving. No adverse weather or trailer issues, just a long way to drive. We passed through Missouri into Oklahoma. Because of the trailer, we had to stop to fill up often. And because of the trailer, we tried to stop at truck stops where the space is larger and can accommodate a large turning circle. Many of the stops are the same, with a shop of some kind that sold food, drinks, souvenirs, electronics, gadgets. This one somewhere along the way had more unusual souvenirs. We were travelling along the modernised version of route 66 so there were relevant souvenirs. I ended up buying a route 66 cup too. The shop also had a whole fridge full of old fashioned sodas in glass bottles, lots of nostalgia.

To pass the time, we started listening to an audible book. I found I paid more attention when I’m listening. May be it’s also a combination of a good book, good narration and nothing else to do.

At around 5-6pm we started looking at nearby hotels. Found a Hampton Inn near Clinton. The friendly front desk guy Robert told us where to have dinner–a nearby family-run Italian place. I ordered linguine with clams which was okay considering the clams and sauce all seemed to be from a can or jar. Huge portions too.