roadtrip1 day 03

Another early start day, this time we simply had breakfast at the hotel. Lots and lots of driving.


New states for me today: New Mexico and Arizona. I won’t count them as visited because the only time we stopped was at service stations. There was one along the way with many billboards advertising that they have ice cream, toys, guy stuff, girl stuff, cool stuff, and all sorts of stuff. From what the billboards said, we expected a huge shop full of lots of things to sell. But actually the shop wasn’t that large. The selection was very interesting though, most are handcrafted by local artists. The shop is in the middle of nowhere along the highway. It also had the only pokéstop for miles and miles. I found that there are pokémons around but very few stops because there’s simply nothing around.


The scenery in New Mexico and Arizona changed to dry desert landscape. I wish the highway had scenic stops so I can hop out and take a picture. The ones I snapped from the car weren’t that good.

We had considered overnighting at Holbrook or Winslow because it was getting late. Then we got in touch with 2 friends who were also driving and they were already at their hotel in Flagstaff so we pushed on, met them at the same hotel and we all went to dinner together. With the time change, we gained 2 hours so it was only 7pm when we got there.

Long, long day but managed to make good ground. Finished listening to yesterday’s audible book, started and finished another one. Another good story.