1. What is this Invisible Company?
    It’s a name I made up, there’s no deeper meaning.

  3. Who the hell are you?
    If I told you I’d have to make you invisible.

  5. But I can’t even tell where you live and whether you’re a teenager or adult or what your aspirations are, actually I can’t tell if you’re a real person at all.

  7. What’s this website about?
    What are 99.9% of personal websites about? The question is, what are the remaining 0.1% about?

  9. What are you trying to achieve?
    Why ask?

  11. What happened to quiet thinking, flying seagulls, memory drawers, and frivolous whatevers?
    *shrug*. I had to switch software, so I redesigned.

  13. What should I do around here?
    Do what you like. Explore the different sections. Read stuff. Look at pictures. View the code. Click the links.

  15. But it’s all clicking and reading and looking.
    If you’re looking for something interactive, join an online game. If you want to write stuff yourself, start a weblog. If you want pictures that excite, go look at flickr. If you find the website boring, why are you sitting in front of a screen?

  17. I don’t get it.
    You’re under no obligation to get anything. No one gives a shit, including me.

  19. Why are you so rude?
    It’s my website. It’s my universe.

  21. Your writing is so lame.
    At least it’s mine. I like to make my own fun. I’m not entering them into any competition.

  23. I want to leave comments on your blog.
    To leave comments, click on the little link at the end of each post that says “Leave a Comment”. I pre-approve and close comments regularly. I’m not sure there are enough commenters for this website anyway.

  25. I love your pictures! I want them on my website!
    Are you sure? Thanks, um, I think. Please for the love of god ask me first. Or if you’re too intimidated to, or can’t be bothered, save the image on your own server and use your own bandwidth. I turned off hotlinking.

  27. There are no pictures of you or people in your pictures.
    Yes, that’s correct. An observant padawan you are.

  29. Who do I sleep with to become a member?
    That kind of remark will get you very far in the real world. But not here. I’m not that easy. Membership is by invitation only.

  31. I want to give feedback/ make suggestions/ send you spam.
    If it’s still enabled, leave a comment. If you can’t, email public03 [at] invisiblecompany [dot] com. If you’re a human you’ll know what the format is.

  33. When I click on a page I get an error or a blank page.
    Possible reasons:
    a) The server is down — it’s a really reliable service, so it should be up again soon. Try a bit later.
    b) It’s an outdated link — that would happen because I redesigned. Go to the homepage and start from there.
    c) You need to clear your cache.
    d) More serious issues with your browser. Have you tried to quit and restart the browser?

  35. I get a directory listing page but no listing.
    Directory listing has been disabled, go to the homepage and start from there.

  37. I get asked for a password.
    Parts of the website is password protected. If you don’t have a password it means…you don’t have a password.

  39. The layout’s all kablooey.
    There are legacy pages that aren’t stylesheeted. I may be in the middle of reworking. Most of the main pages should be okay.

  41. Why web standards? I thought the internet is supposed to promote self-expression.
    May be it’s because I’ve been reading one too many article by professional web designers who are all.about.standards nowadays. I like consistency. And I like learning. It’s been an interesting journey learning, forgetting and relearning css/html.

  43. Huh?
    If you can’t tell the difference between css and cnn, don’t worry, it’s just technical jargon. All it means is that the website is easier to maintain, looks neat (hopefully in both the tidy and kewl sense) and loads faster.

  45. But it’s all yours?
    I wrote all the words. I took all the pictures. I did all the photoshopping. I made every single page using Dreamweaver, Movable Type, WordPress or handcoded. I paid for the computer stuff and the hosting service and the domain name. Your question again?