GoT on labo

Whenever mum is out I try to catch up with game of thrones. I’m at season 2 now and hopefully by the time season 8 comes out next year I would be completely caught up.

Anyway, here’s Ramin Djawadi playing the theme on a nintendo labo. What is the labo? It’s a physical extension for the switch made out of cardboard and simple materials, intended to teach users programming, engineering, robotics etc. Looks so fun, just a few pieces of cardboard makes a keyboard, a console, a fishing reel (for a fishing game), a steering wheel, a VR unit and all sorts of accessories for switch games and programs. The intro video is pretty amazing. The cardboard seems to hold up pretty well after a few weeks.

And with the announcement of let’s go pikachu and let’s go eevee, to be released in november for the switch, with integration with pokemon go, the temptation to get a switch is very high. I’m not a big collector of console games–the last one I bought is the original PSP–may be I won’t get it in the end. See see.

sheku kanneh-mason

Sheku Kanneh-Mason was the winner of the 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year. His 6 siblings are all accomplished musicians and they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent as a group. Sheku went through the BBC competiton and won playing Shostakovich’s cello concerto. His musical heroes include Jacqueline du Pré, which gives him high marks in my book.

He released an album Inspiration. This is his rendition of Hallelujah, on cello. Don’t look at the video, there are some editing errors. Just LISTEN.

musical interlude

I’ve spent the last couple of days cleaning up my iphone playlist. I haven’t touched it in 2-3 years so it’s pretty out of date. I haven’t added a tremendous amount of new music, may be an average of 5-6 albums per year? Yes, I’m old and still think about music in terms of albums.

With cleaning up, the iphone playlist now has around 530 songs, so good for 1.5 days. I have other playlists, one for running (faster songs), one for mindfulness, and a bunch of classical and musicals. Anyway I discovered I have very weird taste in music, and some are downright unfashionable. The oldest song on the playlist is Someone to Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald. From the 1970s there’s Clapton, Bowie, Nick Drake, and a lot of Fleetwood Mac. I can’t pick just one FM song I like, there are so many. My favourite in terms of best lyrics is Storms. Here’s Stevie performing it in Stockholm, 30 years later in 2009:

From the 1980s there’s Depeche Mode, Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night, Suzanne Vega, and a little known singer-songwriter called Rosie Vela. She only released one album, Zazu, and is one of the last cassette tapes I kept even though I threw away my cassette player a very long time ago. I thought I still have it in my drawer but I can’t find it. Someone wrote a where is she now last year:

Everything that should have worked for Rosie Vela, worked against her. She was stunningly beautiful, a model who graced the cover of Vogue fourteen times. Billed as the next Kate Bush, she opened for The Fixx and former The Police guitarist, Andy Sumner, on his 1976 US tour. Her debut album, Zazu, featured two of her musical heroes, Steely Dan’s Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

And then she got forgotten. She dated Jeff Lynne for a while and sang backup for ELO (duh). Not a lot of her material available online, this is Magical Smile. Ignore the naff 80s look and just listen:

Lots more songs from the 1990s, that was my peak music listening. REM, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and a guest appearance from kd lang from one side of the Atlantic; Radiohead, Blur, Take That on the other side (I have Oasis, just don’t haven’t added them in this playlist). Oh, and Savage Garden, remember them?

In terms of female singers or bands, there’s Catie Curtis, Kasey Chambers, and Mel C dropped Northern Star in 1999. The 2000s were mostly indies: early Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, Starsailor, DCfC, and the Killers. Here’s Starsailor’s Poor Misguided Fool, another one of those don’t-watch-just-listen videos:

Some pop too, Adele, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, T-Swift. 2010s has more of the same. I tried listening to Ed Sheeran and found him excrutiatingly boring. The A team and Perfect are the only ones I can stand.

The most recent album on itunes is T-Swift’s latest. I really like these lyric videos.

killers new song

The Killers just released The Man, their first single in 5 years. From the upcoming album Wonderful Wonderful.

Much more upbeat than their previous work. Very catchy. Brandon Flowers:

sonically, it’s pretty funky, funkier than we’ve ever done before


And they’ll be at lollapalooza, which is where I first saw them live. Holy moly it was 8 years ago.

symphony for a broken orchestra

We can do with as much good cheer as possible right now. NYT has a page of 12 great stories that have nothing to do with politics. Between US politics, the French and UK elections, I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve stayed off fb mostly. I understand my American friends’ frustration with the recent healthcare situation, but I only have so much empathy to share. UK elections is no better, I used to lean Conservative, but I can no longer stand them. The problem is there is no alternative.


Anyway, one of the great stories is about symphony for a broken orchestra. It all started when Robert Blackson of Temple Contemporary, a part of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, learned that there are over 1000 musical instruments in the Philadelphia school system that are broken but can’t be repaired due to lack of money. Mr Blackson collected the instruments for an exhibition and is planning a performance of a piece, Symphony for a Broken Orchestra, composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang. The composition

is written specifically for the sounds these instruments can only make in their broken state

They are still looking for volunteers to play the instruments, help with aspects of the performance and to repair the instruments. People can donate and adopt an insrument: after the performance the instruments will be repaired and given back to the schools so young people can learn and enjoy playing music. Here’s some more information:

new music monday

Another hot day, no incentive to go out. My favourite bookstore is having a holiday weekend sale (three for the price of two) so I splurged and bought 6 on my to-buy list. Listened to some recently added music. The soundtrack for Les Mis (I couldn’t believe I didn’t have it). Made a note to look on youtube for Hamilton the musical.

Haven’t listened to the new Radiohead yet although I’ve watched the new videos. Interesting to see that they performed Creep recently, since they stopped playing it live because it was too popular. They seem to have mellowed; as jason kottke said

perhaps Radiohead has become more accepting of the band they used to be.

random saturday

Originally was supposed to meet up with mm, haven’t seen her for a while. But she just finished her exams and was feeling tired and headache-y. A bit disappointed as I was looking forward to some time out but can’t be helped.

Mostly spent the day reading and watching time slowly tick by. Organised some of Papa’s finances.

Listening and watching the video of Radiohead’s weird new song, Burn the Witch. The Trumpton cartoon is eerie and horrifying. The music stays with you. The new album drops on Sunday.

kristin chenoweth in concert



We went to see Kristen Chenoweth in concert at the Chicago theatre. I don’t get many chances to see live concerts, and I think this is the second concert I attended in a theatre setting; I remember seeing kd lang in singapore when I was travelling there a lot. Oh and I saw Fleetwood Mac at Wembley when I was in college, that was it.




It’s also the first time I’ve been inside the Chicago theatre. It’s such an iconic landmark, especially in the city of its name. We had nice stall seats, about 2/3rds of the way down. A slight incline meant I was able to see the stage with no problems.

The concert was great. A 11-person band including string and brass sections. The musical director, Mary-Mitchell Campbell played wonderfully on the piano.

Ms Chenoweth herself. Ahhh. What a voice. We were treated to Moon River, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Popular and an emotional Bring Him Home. She was personable, lively and had great presence. She sipped from a Cubs cup and told of her steak dinner at Gibson’s, conncecting her with the audience. During her tour she always sings For Good with a member of the audience or an invited guest—this time she had a young local singer Jess Godwin, who is certainly destined for a great career. She also invited a group of local youngsters to join her for the last few numbers. And she shared the stage with them, generously giving them credit and attention.


Pics not allowed, so here’s a youtube video of her singing.


welcome (back) fort minor

After almost 9 years away, Mike Shinola and Fort Minor released a new single, Welcome. It’s available as a free download** or a paid mp3 (wonder how many people will go for the paid version vs getting it free). The 360º video is of Mike painting a giant mural made from 1000 blank vinyl jackets, which will be signed and sold as limited edition vinyl records. I’m not a huge FM or Linkin Park fan, but I can imagine there will be lots of interest and demand for the vinyl.

In Mike’s own words:

I didn’t intend to write a new Fort Minor song, it just kinda happened. It’s not part of a new album. It’s a song that I knew I wanted people to hear right now.

His full handwritten words:


I like the song. I think LP is too loud, but I’ve always enjoyed FM’s one and only album. Their big success Where’d You Go was one of my first running playlist songs. I’m adding Welcome to the playlist. I hope there is a new album somewhere down the line. It’s long overdue. Almost 10 years on hiatus, they really do practice what they sing:

Where’d you go
I miss you so
Seems like it’s been forever
That you’ve been gone

**the free download is available on their website, upon submission of a working email address. It’s of course for marketing purposes. I use a disposable email service for stuff like this.

eminem lost yourself in ASL

This one has been doing the rounds lately, it’s Eminem’s Lose Yourself interpreted in sign language. It’s incredibly cute and uplifting. From the comments, it seems that the interpreter doesn’t always sign every single word, but rather signs the meaning and context, which is rather important in rap, where words machine-gun by very fast. The great thing about this video is that the interpreter Shelby adds her own movements and expressions to enhance the experience.

Even more uplifting is to find out that signing at concerts is nothing new. I’m so glad that deaf and hard-of-hearing people can also get to enjoy concerts.

As an aside, Eminem is my secret guilty pleasure. Great running songs.

you raise me up

mm keeps sending me videos with a religious theme, I don’t click on all of them. This one I did. I googled it too, the song You Raise Me Up even though it sounds like a traditional Irish folk song was actually from 2002. The street performer was Martin Hurkens, who won Holland Got Talent in 2010.


When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary
When troubles come and my heart burdened be
Then I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas
I am strong when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be

It’s like Katherine Jenkins busking on the tube, even though it looks to be an official music video rather than something spontaneous.

schubert impromptu op 90 no 1

Was at mm’s to look at the travel books she borrowed from the library. She practiced the piano whilst I was reading, it was a nice background. The piece she’s learning now is Schubert’s Impromptu op 90 no 1 (d899). I always think Schubert is difficult and kinda boring, but this wasn’t. I like it. I like the C minor key.


Looking at the score, it’s difficult. Then again, everything that mm has been playing is difficult for me—she’s past grade 8 and I’m at approx grade 3 level.

noisetrade music discovery

New downloads from noisetrade. Free (optional tipping) music and books to discover new artists.

A sampler from sleeping at ast, aka Ryan O’Neal from chicago (no, not the actor). Comparisons to radiohead and nick drake, which is how I got to them through search on the site. I thought he sounded more like coldplay, which, depending on point of view, may or may not be a good thing. Personally, I like coldplay so I’m keeping the sampler. He’s also performed a few songs for films and tv.

On the homepage and top of the downloads list is delta spirit, similar to the shins and my morning jacket. A bit too loud for me.

A great new discovery is the rival, comparable to keane, the killers, MGMT and U2. No surprise there. Run Run, the first song from the album was actually the iphone 5 launch song and a pretty good addition to my running playlist.

And just to show I’m not always about the male indie bands, I also downloaded Welsh singer sera. I like her, she has a good voice and you can hear the Welsh lilt when she sings.

Finally, there’s classical pianist Ben Amend, a couple of miscellaneous pieces and an EP called winter woods, more new age-y music than classical. Really, really good. Great playing, great atmospheric pieces. My favourite out of all the downloads today.

For some reason, noisetrade won’t let me download ebooks. Ah well, I’ll stick with music discovery. I also wish they had a shopping cart to consolidate all tips made in one session instead of having to do multiple small $5 transactions.

remembered for a while

nick drake
ben dylan / flickr

A new book about Nick Drake, Remembered for a While, is coming out. Edited by Nick’s family and friends,

This is not a biography. It is, rather, an attempt to cast a few shards of light on Nick Drake the poet, the musician, the singer, the friend, son and brother, who was also more than all of these.

The book is £35, the deluxe edition at £150 includes a 10” vinyl of tracks from a 1969 John Peel session, photographs and other goodies. The guardian has one of the tracks available for listening. It’s brilliant and haunting and sad. Another great musician who died young. There are no known live recordings of Nick’s performances, so we only get to listen.


music lab concert

We went to a concert by music lab, an orchestra of young and enthusiastic musicians. The concert was billed as multimedia, and there were slide shows and videos of artistic works created by other young people on a large projector.

The program opened with the orchestra playing Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune by Debussy followed by the Mother Goose Suite by Ravel. Good playing, and quite enjoyable. Then it was Ms Nancy Loo playing Rhapsody in Blue, she is a well known solo artist and teacher at the APA. The finale of the concert was KJ Wong playing the Asian premiere of Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky-Naoumoff. I’ve heard the piece before, but not in its entirety and it sounded very technical and difficult to master.

The main attraction of the concert was undoubtedly KJ, a sort of music wunderkid and the subject of a documentary when he was still at school. He is now in his early twenties, and presents as a mixture of arrogance and uncertainty and talent. Surrounded by almost screaming fans, of course.

For more on KJ, check out his channel or listen to him playing Etude by Emile Naoumoff. There are a few videos of other pianists playing plctures at an exhibition too, This one, audio only, is played by the master himself, Vladimir Horowitz.

music: longer than you’ve been alive


Rhett Miller was a reddit AMA recently. Now that brings back memories. My friend Mary, who I regrettably have lost touch with, introduced me to the instigator. I listened and enjoyed the music, especially Things that Disappear, but never looked him up. TIL I learned that he is a member of a Dallas band Old 97s and they just issued a new album to coincide with their 20th anniversary. The first single is appropriately called Longer than You’ve been Alive, which starts:

We’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive
Propelled by some mysterious drive

It’s available as a free stream and download. Click to listen and fill in box to download:

johnny cash out among the stars

I didn’t grow up listening to country & western music, I’m simply not knowledgeable nor had sufficient exposure to appreciate it fully. It’s not the first genre I’d pick (not second, or third either, and I don’t apologise for it) but when I do hear a c&w song, I may stop and listen to it, and I may even like it.

That said, here via slate is a short film of three different musicians / groups covering Johnny Cash’s album out among the stars. This album was recorded in the 1980s, but for whatever reason it was never released. His son discovered it in the archives after his death and it has just been released posthumously to great reviews all around.

Okay, I confess, it wasn’t Johnny Cash that caught my eye, but the mention of Brandon Flowers in the headline. The Killers, well, they will be near #1 on my list of music to listen to, and I won’t apologise for this either. I can listen to him all day, and his rendition of “I Came to Believe” was interesting — not a Killers sound, but even to my uneducated ear, quite Johnny Cash-like. I also really enjoyed the other artists on the film, Father John Misty and Local Natives, even though I’d never heard of them before. The video is 16mins long, it’s a good way to spend 16mins.

piano recital


Went to a piano recital by 20 year old Piao Xingji. Very impressive. Started with a piece by a composer I’d never heard of, contemporary Charles Griffes. Then moved onto Brahms, Prokofiev, Liszt to end with Schumann’s Carnaval Op 9. There were 2 short encores, a nice way to spend 2 hours. Highlights for me were the Prokofiev sonata No 4 in C minor Op 29, and parts of the Schumann. The only complaint was that the complimentary red wine we had at interval was undrinkable. Besides, we only had 15mins so not enough time to drink even if it were drinkable.

old songs

I was watching some music programs on tv, where a young musician was singing a well known song from the 1980s. The presenter asked him how he knew about the song and he said that it’s one of his father’s favourites. Ack!! Those are the songs from my childhood, and I realised that the singer wasn’t even born when I was listening to those music. Remember making your own mixed tapes and giving them to people or playing them in the car? I still have half a box of cassette tapes in my possession, I don’t even know if I can find a cassette player anywhere anymore. Feeling old. And then I read an interview with Stevie Nicks. It’s 40 years since Buckingham Nicks. Holy moly. Definitely feeling old. Anyway, I just had to go listen to some old Mac songs.

GSIS EPD Christmas concert

GSIS EPD christmas concert 2012

My niece’s school christmas concert, at a converted church near her school. Very talented kids, singing, playing music, dancing. There was a small orchestra, and the Year 5 program was a bunch of them doing a great xylophone relay. Primary school kids, so it was a little chaotic, kudos to the teachers for controlling and organising them.

last night of the proms

Took a little break from the Paralympics to catch the last night of the Proms. Always a boisterous and emotional and patriotic event, it didn’t disappoint. In a way, I wish I’d tried to get into the Hyde Park crowd, 40,000 people opposite Royal Albert Hall in a simucast with Belfast, Caerphilly and Glasgow. There was a surprise at Rule Britannia, when several members of Team GB and Paralympics GB rowing medal winners came on stage to show that Britannia does rule the waves. Perfect.

The walls are very thin here, so I have to keep the volume low but I did sing along with Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and the National Anthem.

sing, diamond jubilee

I’ve been catching up on the jubilee festivities. The pageant on Saturday was a bit boring to watch on iPlayer, but I watched the jubilee concert on Sunday in its entirety. Super production, very moving, all the performers, comedians and 600 support staff. Shows the world how it’s done, and I think I’m like a lot of people trying to avoid saying something like “Gary Barlow did a good job, take that!”

This is Sing, written by Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Weber and performed by the Commonwealth band/choir and the Military Wives. All (?definitely most) of the performers are not professionals, but their voices are simply magical. Beautiful song, beautiful performance.

katherine jenkins cd


I’ve been following the progress of Dancing with the Stars on Car’s blog. One of the favourites is Katherine Jenkins, the local (well, if you’re Welsh) girl. One of my colleagues was lamenting why she is on US DWTS and not UK Strictly. I guess it’s all about conquering the US market and exposure.

She really has a beautiful voice. She has 8 albums (plus 3 best of) out, and Car joked about how much it would cost to buy them all. So I went and did a simple comparison of amazon UK and US. To get the 8 cds in the UK is just over £40 ($65); getting them in the US will be $110. And since I’m going to GCLS in June, I can bring them over. So she said yes, go for it and I ordered them. And they arrived today. Beautiful.

sunday songs

I did a (relative) massive amazon mp3 download today. Both US amazon, where there were albums for $3.99 and UK amazon, with 2 for £10 offers. Some newish music, but also quite a lot of catch up.

Brookville — Broken Lights. What can I say? Under-rated, little known indie band. Love Andy Chase. I’m less of a fan of the Ivy, I like this Brookville incarnation better. Atmospheric and just very nice music.

Marlon Roudette — Matter Fixed. This guy will be big. This is New Age, which has already conquered a number of European charts.

Take That — Progressed. Catch up. This was released last year. Take That are from my younger days, and I’m so glad to see them return to triumphantly.

Samantha Ronson & the Undertakers — Chasing the Red. This is Love Song. Sam Ronson is famous, or infamous, for being Mark Ronson’s younger sister and there was this period of insanity when she was associated with, of all people, Lilo. I get the feeling that her work could do with a bit of Mark magic, but it’s still a pretty decent effort.

Mumford & Sons — Sigh No More. They are really worth a listen. Seriously.

What else did I get? Adele’s 19 and 21. Maroon 5, an old Nick Drake and Amy Winehouse: Lioness. All good stuff. My itunes will like me.

christmas concert at the cathedral

I went to the Christmas concert at Westminster Cathedral earlier this evening. There are 2 concerts, tonight and tomorrow night. I just got the £10 tickets, and ended up sitting at the last row. Doesn’t matter, I could still hear the choir and the readers.

It wasn’t a mass, just the cathedral choir and a few readings. No communion although there was a Blessing and the Archbishop of Westminster said a few words. Finally I’m beginning to feel a little Christmas-y. Most of what the choir sang I didn’t know, although I liked them (except the Bach one in German that went on and on and on). There was audience participation with a few traditional carols like Once in Royal David’s City and O Come All Ye Faithful. One of the best readings was Peter Bowles reading the poem Christmas by John Betjeman.

And London shops on Christmas Eve
Are strung with silver bells and flowers
As hurrying clerks the City leave
To pigeon-haunted classic towers,
And marbled clouds go scudding by
The many-steepled London sky.

And girls in slacks remember Dad,
And oafish louts remember Mum,
And sleepless children’s hearts are glad.
And Christmas-morning bells say ‘Come!’
Even to shining ones who dwell
Safe in the Dorchester Hotel.

musical interlude

Notable miscellaneous music news:

  • Leonard Cohen new album in January, yay! This is Show me the Place, it’s been a long long time to wait for a new song from him
  • Elvis Costello says don’t buy his new boxed set as it is too expensive, buy Louis Armstrong instead
  • I’d never heard of Ra Ra Rasputin before today, but they have released a 3-track EP for free download until 6 December — I listened to Forward and I thought it’s pretty good
  • Snow Patrol tour dates, they will be in London in Feb. Very tempted. Even more tempted after reading Gary Lightbody’s highly intelligent essay on huffpo. I mean, I can’t imagine any of the X-Factor / BGT / AGT brigade, or Justin Bieber, or even Lady Gaga, using words like fecund (I had to look it up, myself) and not as an alternative to some other salacious swear word. Mr Leonard Cohen may know the word. Ah, but I digress…read that essay, and tell me you know a song by Snow Patrol

respect la diva

youtube link:

Our department went out for a farewell party for one of our colleagues. Dinner first at the forge at covent garden. I had roasted vegetable risotto, steak diane, and crème brulee.

Then it was onto the Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road to see Respect La Diva. It’s only on for 3 weeks, and I thought it was a musical that included songs from the great divas — Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, Tina Turner et al. Actually it was more like a straightforward concert of tribute singers singing those songs. The singers were all very good, but the show could have been tighter and had a bit more of a storyline. It’s a very small theatre that doesn’t seem to have an orchestra pit so the band was on stage. This meant not a lot of space for the performers (especially the dancers) to move around. Some of the audience members were really enjoying themselves and the majority of the house stood up and clapped for the finale.

mm piano


mm has a new love, her piano that was delivered today. She whatsapped be this morning and sent a pic to me already. I can’t remember the specs like brand, height and other important details. I’m sure I’ll hear about it in glorious detail in the months and years to come. I jokingly call it not!3mins to encourage her to keep going. Not a problem right now because she seems very keen (obsessed) with piano. I guess I shouldn’t feel threatened by an inanimate object? Heehee.

west end, steinway


Had lunch at home, then met CC for mid-afternoon drinks and snacks, she took us to a hip bar hidden at the back of Bond Street and we had a pleasant hour or so. We also met RM for dinner at haz where we had a great meal and tried red wine from Lebanon.

But the main memory today was how we spent the time in between the 2 appointments. Not much involvement for me, aside from sitting quietly and listening to mm play her heart out at Steinway Hall. First she tried the uprights, then the baby grands. The nice sales associate then took us inside to where the concert grands are and she played Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 1. Beautiful sound. I have it on video, but it’s something only between the two of us.

hard rock calling london 2011

video link:

hrc4007kaiser hrc4013killers

I was at hard rock calling tonight. It turns out that it’s the event’s 40th annversary. I got to Hyde Park around 5.30pm, just in time to catch james, followed by kaiser chiefs. The main attraction was the killers, which is now the only band I’d gone to see twice. They hadn’t released anything new (except Brandon Flowers’ solo album) since Lollapalooza 2009, and their set was full of familiar songs. Doesn’t matter, the crowd sang and cheered along with Spaceman, Somebody Told me, Some Like You Mean it and positively roared with Human and Read My Mind and All These Things.

The day started sunny but for most of the five hours I was there it rained non-stop. I was glad I wore my Timberlands and brought my cap. The ground was soaked but thankfully not quite Glastonbury-level of muddiness. I found myself near the front but stuck behind people taller than me. It didn’t matter. There were fireworks, a quiet rendition of Moon River and closed out with Jenny and more fireworks. Here’s the video of Human, although the sound quality isn’t good. There are a few more pics on flickr.

i know who holds tomorrow

video link:

mm sent me this, an old hymn called “I know who holds tomorrow” from the album by Alison Krauss & the Cox Family. I’m not as religious as mm, this was very beautiful though.

and each step is getting brighter
as the golden stairs I climb
and every burden is getting lighter
and all the clouds are silver lined
and, over there the sun is always shining
and no tears will ever dim the eye
and the ending of the rainbow
where the mountains, they touch the sky

killers june


No lollapalooza this year, so it’s hard rock calling instead. No 3-day ticket deal, and the line up is so much smaller. It’s a different sort of event really. The choices for headliners for the 3 days are: Killers, Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart. No brainer isn’t it. I actually thought that it’s a Killers only concert before I realised it’s a 3-day event. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but as a vodafone customer I’m able to order 48hrs in advance, so I have my ticket already.

If it weren’t so expensive I’d get a ticket for Sunday too. I have zero interest in Rod Stewart, but Stevie Nicks, Rumer and Lighthouse Family are also playing. Then again, no one goes to a concert to see the supporting and guest acts, do they?

top 5 running songs

On the livestrong forums is a thread on top 5 running songs. Till I Collapse by Eminem seems to be a favourite, but I find it too loud and hard to run to the beat. Doesn’t mean I don’t like rap, I run to 8 miles and Lose Yourself, which would make my top 10. So, top 5, in no particular order:

  • mgmt — kids
  • ben lee — afterlife
  • killers — read my mind (or human, I can’t decide)
  • uh huh her — common reaction
  • muse — uprising

Honourable mentions: chris rea — auberge, lindsey buckingham — did you miss me, lady gaga — poker face, fort minor — where’d you go (or remember the name).

#15(7) new music: daniel merriweather

Daniel Merriweather’s latest, love & war came out last June. In the UK. I waited and waited and waited for it to become available here, or at least available for download. But no, it didn’t show up. Boy, was I tempted to get it elsewhere. Luckily, when I was on home leave I made a point of going to hmv to get the cd. It’s as good as I expected. And I noticed it’s just come out on amazon US. This is the first single, Change featuring Wale, which reached #8 on the UK charts.

I heard about Daniel Merriweather on twitter. I follow Mark Ronson, who produced the album. I didn’t realise he’s from Australia — guess he’s another transplant. His style has been described as r&b, with a mix of pop. I like it, I have the whole cd and every song deserves its place on the iphone and nano.

reading and song

I went to the sappho’s salon event at women and children first bookstore to support Anne Laughlin, who read from her new book Veritas. I have the book in my ereader, it’s high on the list of books to be read. And especially after I heard her read a lengthy excerpt. She also read the prologue from her newest, untitled, book. Oh wow. That one is already fantastic and I can’t wait for it to come out.

The second half of the event was singer-songwriter julie loyd, who sang a few very pleasant songs.

The good thing about living only 5 mins away is that I was probably home and showered before a lot of the people even left the store.

shopping day

It was a glorious day when I woke up, so I went running by the lake. All the way up to where the bike trail ends, then back down along the lakefront all the way to Montrose Beach.

After showering drove to Ikea. The route on google maps is bogus, there’s been roadworks at the Lawrence junction to the Kennedy for ages, so I just took Foster.

I was really hungry by the time I got to Ikea, so I headed to the restaurant immediately and had a large meatball, lingonberries and mashed potato lunch. The aim was to look at kitchen tables, to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on anything. There was one, table and 4 chairs for $129, good price but not what I was looking for. I ended up buying a bedside table to use in the living room by the fireplace, 4 glass bowls at 99c each and a bottle of chopping block oil. I never thought of oiling my chopping blocks, let’s see if it works.

The main shopping was done at home. I finally ordered the bar table and stools I saw at cb2. Delivery on Friday.

Also bought 6 ebooks, catching up on recent releases. And 6 mp3 cds:

  • oracular spectacular — mgmt
  • breakthrough — colbie caillat
  • rattlin’ bones —kasey chambers & shane nicholson
  • b.r.m.c. — black rebel motorcycle club
  • baby 81 — black rebel motorcycle club
  • the e.n.d. — black eyed peas

Oh yes, my musical taste doesn’t make sense, here’s acid, pop, country, alt rock and hip hop.

did you miss me

This song rotated to the top of my running playlist and it’s such a great song to start a run. I mean, I adore fleetwood mac and (almost) everything they do and Lindsey is a huge, huge part of that love. Yes, he gets disparaged — think the joke about the lindsey buckingham paradox — but even then he’s recognised as a genius.

This is did you miss me from his 2008 album, gift of screws, which has been very well received, albeit not much attention given by the mainstream press and radio stations. It’s a shame. This is a perfect top 40 song, with a catchy hook and the usual killer unstated guitar playing.

oh, while googling the LBP, I came across this:

sudden onset Stevie Nicks syndrome: a serious disability that may be accompanied by Lindsey Buckingham


#15(6) new music: bat for lashes

Bat for Lashes was the first act I stopped to watch at Lollapalooza, just because it was the first stage I came across, and because the music kinda grabbed me. There was a pretty, dark-haired girl and a voice that was, even at an open stage, ethereal. I filed the band’s name away in my head, and went off to see the likes of the Airborne Toxic Event, Vampire Weekend and the Killers.

So at the weekend I decided to browse amazon for their music, and I ended up buying both albums, fur and gold and two suns. Bat for Lashes is actually Natasha Khan, the practice of calling oneself a band continues, in the NIN and Badly Drawn Boy tradition. She’s from Brighton, looks a little like Lily Allen, has a hipster new wave fashion style. She’s been compared to Kate Bush and Bjork and has opened for Radiohead. Thom Yorke is a big fan.

I find her music clever and just that bit whimsical. Descriptions abound from reviewers like magical, dreamy, luminous. I actually can’t stand Kate Bush or Bjork, but Natasha isn’t grating like the former or batty like the latter, she manages to balance pureness of voice with pop; cute whimsy with solid musicianship. She’s indie without trying too hard, if that makes sense. Someone to watch out for, definitely.

#13 outdoor concert: lollapalooza


I spent 9 hours (1-10pm) on Sunday at lollapalooza, which is one of America’s prime music festival events. It’s a 3-day event, but as I looked at the lineup, I decided I could only do one day, especially since I had to go to work friday. I was a bit bummed that I missed Depeche Mode on Friday and Gomez, TV on the Radio and Tool on Saturday. Ah well, next year.

lolla023cool lolla021crowd

It was a HOT, HOT, HOT day. We were allowed sealed bottle water, and throughout the day I made sure I was hydrated. Okay, I had 3 Bud Lights in addition to the water, watermelon and smoothies I enjoyed. I also diligently bought and used sunblock; and a cute fedora I bought at one of the stalls. The first pic here shows a fire department “mobile ventilation unit” which they used to fan water for a cooling shower for the participants. The second pic shows what seems to be all 225,000 attendees.

lolla011airborne lolla030djboyz

There were 8 stages, and with Grant Park 1 mile long, it was essential to plan. There were only a couple of overlaps where I had to decide, most of the time it was obvious who I wanted to see. I caught the end of Bat for Lashes, who I’ve never heard of but will likely buy their album now. Then mid-afternoon it was Airborne Toxic Event, who were more subdued than I expected. I wondered if I should have gone to see Kaiser Chiefs instead. I was fairly close to the stage, although being short it was difficult to see over the shoulders of people in front of me.

A short break afterwards, during which I chomped down a portion of Jack Daniels bbq wings washed down with a watermelon wedge. Then it was back to the same stage to see Vampire Weekend, which got us jumping and doing screams. I only know their most well-known songs, and I sang along like the other audience members.

It was then time to explore the other side of the festival, more food, looking around the stalls, bypassing the autograph area. Found myself in the dance pit section, where DJ Boyz Noise was spinning. Then caught the end of Dan Auerbach before heading to Lou Reed. Unfortunately Lou was disappointing, so I walked the whole mile back to the south end, got a tamale/taco combo, a smoothie and a frozen kefir (like frozen yogurt), my last Bud Light and found a seat on the lawn to wait for The Killers.


Brandon Flowers and gang did not disappoint, opening with Human, rocking hard through their repetoire and finishing with a flourish with Read My Mind, Mr Brightside and All These Things that I’ve Done. We sang “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” over and over and over again, it was brilliant. Two encores later, I joined the thousands on my way home, very satisfied, very buzzed and feeling a little like I was 21 again.

music shuffle – first 25 meme

25 Songs – What’s in YOUR mp3 Player?

Here are the rules:

  1. Shuffle your iPod/mp3 player/iTunes entire music library.
  2. Write down the first 25 songs that come up.
  3. Post them in a note back to me.
  4. No editing whatsoever (seriously).

My list:

  1. Left Behind — Aqualung
  2. As I Lay me Down — Sophie B. Hawkins
  3. Part of the List — Ne-Yo
  4. I Kissed a Girl — Jill Sibule
  5. Won’t You Give Him (One More Chance) — Robert Cray
  6. Shining Light — 10,000 Maniacs
  7. Built this Way — Samantha Ronson
  8. Nothing to Lose — Michael Learns to Rock
  9. Matador — David Berkeley
  10. Roses and Hips — Keren Ann
  11. Roller Coaster — Blink 182
  12. Side — Travis
  13. Falling into You — Kasey Chambers
  14. You’re Tender and You’re Tired — Manic Street Preachers
  15. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite — REM
  16. Complicated — Avril Lavigne
  17. Goodbye, Apathy — One Republic
  18. Step into My Office, Baby — Belle and Sebastian
  19. Dolphin — Poe
  20. Medication — Garbage
  21. The Best Years — Smile
  22. You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket — The White Stripes
  23. I Think We’re Alone Now — Girls Aloud
  24. The Choir of the Prophecy Fulfilled — Darkest Hour
  25. Paradise City — Guns N Roses

the walkman is 30 years old this week


The first Walkman was launched 30 years ago this week. Wow. I had one of those original monsters, and still have this 1987 WM-103 in my drawer.

The BBC asked 13 year old Campbell Scott to trade his iPod for a Walkman for a week, and his account made me feel old. OTOH, it’s amazing how much technology has advanced over the last 30 years, that he has absolutely no idea what a cassette tape is.

It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.

Oh my! Cassette tapes! I still have a couple of them at the bottom of drawers. Remember making mix tapes for friends and swapping them? Blah RIAA.

free coldplay


Starting tomorrow 15 May, Coldplay is giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of their latest live CD, leftrightleftrightleft, recorded over the Viva La Vida tour.

This coincides with their North American tour. Those who are lucky enough to make it to the tour will also receive a free copy of the CD. Tracklisting:

  1. Glass of Water
  2. 42
  3. Clocks
  4. Strawberry Swing
  5. The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away
  6. Viva La Vida
  7. Death will Never Conquer
  8. Fix You
  9. Death and All His Friends