ikea comedy of errors


Our new domestic helper arrives tomorrow, so we’ve been getting ready for her. She’ll sleep on my sofabed while I’m on my trip so we won’t need to get her a bed yet. We’ve looked around and have an idea where to get it, the frame from a chain furniture shop and the mattress from ikea.

We got sheets, duvet, pillow and towels from ikea plus a couple of sets of duvet covers from another shop last week. Our problems started this morning when mum went to wash the covers, only to discover they are actually sheets. Argh, we have sheets already, now there are 4 sets. But it means no duvet covers. So I went to ikea after lunch to get them. I made sure they are single duvet covers, these came with pillowcases too. So now there are 5 pillowcases because some of the sheets come with them.

Second problem. When I got home we discovered the duvet we bought last week was the wrong size. Instead of single we must have grabbed a double. Argh again! Back to ikea we trudged. I was pissed off and hot and tired by then.

Initially they wouldn’t accept the return because the package was opened. Mum persisted and got us the refund in the end, phew. We made sure the duvet was the right size. There was some money left over, enough for me to get 2 bottles of cider. Silver lining.

I’m so tired of this.

new tv


Our new tv arrived. For some reason the delivery slot was after 6pm, which meant waiting around all day. The crew merely delivered the box, leaving it in the dining room. We had to call to get the Sony technician to come install it. So bureaucratic.

Took him just 15mins to set it all up, including assembly. All the channels plus cable. We have to get used to a new remote control.

But now at least we can watch tv and catch up on masterchef australia and mkr. Added bonus, there are 3 usb slots and I can simply stick the flash drive in one of the slots and hey presto! Masterchef Australia in HD, down to tenplay logo.

sleep on the sofa


A creepy-crawly flew into my room and even though we sprayed like mad, we can’t reach it. Hopefully the spray did the job.

I slept outside in the living room. I don’t mind, I like sleeping on my sofa; mm too, when she used to come over she’d fall asleep on the sofa as soon as she sat on it. In fact, I think I slept better on the sofa than my bed. It’s also much quieter on that side of the flat.

Lately, I’ve found it hard to fall asleep. Or I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep at all. I guess I’m not alone. It’s likely sleep-onset insomnia, or I may have some negative associations with trying to sleep in bed.

It’s not ideal, to sleep on the couch. Softness of the cushions, the cloth material not suited to dissipate body heat, limited space to move are all factors that may affect the quality of sleep.

I’ll continue for a few more days, until mentally I’m okay with being back in my room. Soon it’ll get hot and I’ll have to go back to my room to turn the air-con on.

washing machine, happyhour, pokehunting

No office this week, I finished my project. Still went out early to walk around and explore a supposed seel nest. Only got 2 despite walking around for more than half an hour.

Then it was a long long wait at the flat for the washing machine delivery. First I had to disconnect the old washing machine and pipes because the delivery people only deliver. Took me about 10-15mins, had to figure everything out. After delivery, another 2-3hr wait for the technician to come and install it. He told me I could have arranged for someone to disconnect for a small fee. He was quite chatty, changed the socket and installed a filter between the outlet pipe and outside pipe to get rid of the sewage smell. All done at 4pm. Waste of a day. I hope the tenant appreciates it.


Needed something to eat and some wine. Saw an italian restaurant, Al Dente, near the escalator with 2-for-1 happy hour between 3-8. I was the only customer there. Asked for the snack menu and then the waiter said chef isn’t here yet so i said okay, no problem. He was thankful I was understanding. The house chianti was nice. When the chef came back, I ordered the anchovy butter bruschetta. Didn’t realse it’d be 6 pieces! Ordered a second round of wine, which the waiter comped. I gave him a 20% tip on top of the 10% service.

The bruschetta was filling enough to serve as dinner, so I went to a new area by the harbour that saw 4 porygons one day last week. Didn’t get lucky, walked to the end of the path and back. Got some various pokemons, probably should have stayed longer. At that point, I’d walked 10km for the day so I wanted to get home.

washer, library, happyhour


The tenant emailed to say there is something wrong with the washing machine, a puddle of brown water in the drum. It’s time to replace rather than try to get it fixed. In the long run, it’s better for my wallet and time. I went to the electronics shop and bought one that was fairly cheap with good functionalities and the longest warranty they had. Not a bad price $3600. Siemens.

Had time to wander around. Ran some bank errands, went to the library to look at travel NZ books and to make notes.

Was meeting mm and her brother for happy hour. We said between 5-5.30, I got there quite early at 4.40. But they didn’t show up till around 6, I was pretty annoyed. But nothing I can do. I can’t change her, she’ll always be late. I would have been sitting at another hh place myself anyway.

Dinner with her family. Sat with the nieces and nephew and they told us lots of jokes. Useful day.

sell old furniture

Some people came to look at our sofa set that we have been trying to sell for ages. These have been with the family for something like 40 years. Not exactly antique. We didn’t take them to the UK so they literally have been in the flat since they arrived. Parents took good care of them.

One three seater sofa, two armchairs, two side tables, one coffee table.

The people were buying for their new house, which is very damp so need to use these type of wood. They saw our dining table set and wanted it too. So we said yes. Price isn’t okay, I’m happy we got some money but I think Mum expected more. No one wants this type of furniture to be honest, you can’t pay me to take them.

a day of successful errands

According to our calendar, today’s schedule had mum’s clinic visit, that’s it. It’s just a regular visit for her to replenish her meds. She had some tests done recently, and the results were fine so it was a relief.

We actually did way more than just visit the clinic today. Feeling proud we accomplished so much.

Went to the government office (building next to the clinic) to fill in a form. Then a long bus ride to the pensions office to sort out her pension.

Tram to Ikea to look at a new mattress for her. Unfortunately the ones at Ikea are not to our liking: they’re way, way too soft. Went to Sogo, and lucked out that they are in the middle of a sale. Tried out a few mattresses and she liked the one from Slumberland. Good value but still on the pricey side. Went to a couple of other shops to compare prices.


By then it was 5pm, Mum was pooped and wanted to sit and rest for a bit. Whereas before we’d go to mcdonalds I have a new place to go now, the hmv café. Okay, it’s much more expensive than mcdonalds but there we don’t have to fight for too few seats, it’s much more comfortable and the selection is miles better. I had a tetley’s (ale not tea) and mum went for the chocolate smoothie.

In the end, we went back to Sogo to buy the Slumberland mattress. 60% off, and the saleslady gave us an extra 5% VIP discount even though we’re not members of their VIP club.

selling stuff

I’m going to move to my parents’ permanently. It’s not worth keeping my flat empty more than 50% of the time when it can be rented out.

Though in theory everything from my flat will fit into parents’ flat, it will be cramped. So I’m selling stuff. There’s not a huge second-hand market here, but Sis suggested posting on the local expat forum’s classified section.

2drawer 3drawer

First to be posted are two sets of small cabinets that were bought almost 20 years ago. After 2 complete trips around the world, they are still in good condition. I posted the 2-drawer set and got responses within a few hours. Sold to the first person who contacted me. To the second person I said I have a 3-drawer set, will she be interested? Yes, so I didn’t even need to post it. The first buyer sent his maid over today and we got the units into a taxi for her to take home (they’re only 5 mins’ walk away). The second buyer will pick the units up next week.

microwave01 candles2016

print03 print02

Thus encouraged, I will post more stuff this weekend. Microwaves (one from Switzerland, one from UK), candles, prints, chairs, two Ikea side tables, wireless router that has never been used. Not expecting a lot of money; every little will go towards the cost of the movers.

I remember an ex-colleague said she’s addicted to selling stuff on ebay. Now I can see why. I’m mentally going through the content of my flat and figuring out what else I can sell.

pic of my chair may breach copyright


I’m home for a few days, and I reminded myself to take a picture of my aeron chair. Why? Because apparently, the UK government will soon require people to take out a licence to photograph classic designer objects, even if you own that object. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 says that copyright of artistic objects cover 25 years after they were first marketed to 70 years after the creator’s death. This is something like 100 years after the object was designed and during that 100 or so years, taking a photo will require a licence from the copyright owner. Note, it’s the copyright owner not the legal owner of the object.

The aeron chair was designed in 1994, so there’s plenty of time left for that copyright licence.

Stupid or what.

furniture exchange


I took pictures of furniture I’m planning to sell: 2 sets of bedside cabinets, bar stool, dehumidifier. I’ll post them on the noticeboard in the building lobby and online, hopefully I’ll get some profit from it. Trying to downsize.

And then I spotted this whisky cabinet on instagram. Temptation. Luckily, or not so luckily, I don’t have the space for something this size.

furniture reshuffle

edecubeshelf edeairbed

Sis managed to persuade parents to get rid of some of their very old furniture. She hired movers to remove our childhood beds, two huge sideboards and several cabinets. The cabinets in the balcony and storeroom were so large that the movers had to break them up in order to move them, wonder how they got inside in the first place.

In exchange we got Sis’ cube shelves which take up the space of one of the sideboards. The other empty spaces will eventually have other old cabinets and shelves which hopefully allows space for my stuff.

No bed means I have to borrow her air mattress. It’s a big double mattress, it takes up almost all the floor space of my room. A portent of the challenges to come, I have to fit my bed into the same space.

small apartment moving walls: I’d live there


via wired

An architectectural firm in Madrid designed this modern, efficient space from a small apartment. One half is a fixed living area (seen on the slideshow) and the other half is divided into rooms using movable walls. The kitchen units and bathroom are on either side, and 3 plywood units can be moved to create kitchen, bedroom and sitting/utility area. The room collapses when the units are moved to another configuration. The walls themselves double up as storage and closet.

Technology is such that nowadays, movable walls and doors made from heavy materials can be moved with one hand. The walls are suspended from the ceiling and move along using tracks similar to what is used in libraries and archives. The bathroom looks quite small and narrow and it can get to be a pain to raise/lower the bed everyday. These are the only negatives I can see, everything else looks super. Of course, this is pretty much only suitable for people who live minimalistically and tidy up as they go about their day.

The name of the firm is PKMN pronounced pac-man, it shows they have a sense of humour. The video is fun too:




Lunch with mm at a Japanese restaurant near the office, no reason, just felt like it. She had grilled hamachi head and I had the sashimi set. I then went to the market to get some stuff for the cruise, went home then went out again, we were going to Ikea to take advantage of their 40x point shopping days. She bought wine racks and I bought a replacement kitchen scale. Back to her place to put the wine racks together. Not really dinner, my dinner was a hot dog and meatballs at Ikea. She did give me some soup though.

lights and hotpot


We took the train over the border to SZ to hunt for lights. They are cheaper, and I saw a couple I liked. There was this building where the whole floor was dedicated to light fittings, but just our luck that the entire building had a power cut. It’s fine to look for most stuff without lights, but not light fittings. The effect just isn’t there.

Resolved to come back, we spent the rest of the day relaxing. Went to a large bookshop where mm bought some piano music. Early dinner of individual hotpot at a nice foodcourt. We both opted for the tomato soup base and then we had the usual trimmings — beef, lamb, vegetables, fish.



I’ve made decisions or purchased everything required so far: paint colour, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, oven, hob, extractor, windows, sockets. And now I need to buy new airconditioners for both bedrooms because the existing ones are too old. I went over to Philco and bought 2 new ones, no thinking or hesitation. Sigh. It just adds up doesn’t it.

home work


Went back home to pick up letters and see the state of the place. The new flooring is great, I like the lighter wood effect. The bathroom is…okay, needs major cleaning and should last a while. The bedroom closet needs to be replaced. All light fittings are so old and grotty, but replacing them is easy. Need new windows and curtains or blinds. The kitchen is a disaster. The units are so high up that it’s impractical. The hob, oven and ventilator all need to be replaced. There is a piece of wood / laminate stuck on the washing machine (no frame, free standing) and it’s supposed to be a worktop. It’s the general sense of ugliness and lack of thought that bugs me.

So, I need the apartment renovated. Sigh.



Even though I have a fancy schmancy Aeron chair in the study, I’ve stationed myself in the kitchen since moving in and have been sitting on a bog standard kitchen stool for 18 months. It’s not terribly comfortable, but it’s okay since I can’t sit still for long periods of time. Lately though, it’s been feeling harder and harder. So what I’ve been doing is mixing up sitting with standing. When I’m on the mba I sit but when I’m reading I prop the ereader / kindle up a little and read standing up.

Even if I wanted to, I won’t be able to switch to working whilst standing unless I either get a standing desk or prop the worktop up a couple feet. Right now my standing reading posture is very poor — I’m basically slouching and bending my neck down.

There was some attention on switching to standing working a while ago, and some good reasons for switching. There does seem to be definite benefits to limiting time spent sitting down. After all, notable people like Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf were standing workers and look at how they did in life. This is a pic of Hemingway at his standing desk, look at the tiny typewriter.

fan exchange

dysonhotcold argosfan

I will be needing a heater when I leave London, and I’d been lusting after the dyson hot+cold ever since it came out. Not only is it a fan heater, it’s also a fan for use when the weather is hot.

It’s also horribly expensive. John Lewis is doing a promotion where they take 20% off in exchange for a portable fan or fan heater. That’s more than £50 off the RRP of £269.95. I don’t own a fan or fan heater, but I wanted to take advantage of this, so I went to Argos and got a £9.97 fan and exchanged it. All in all I come out more than £40 better off. I’ve done this before, I bought a crappy Sinclair Spectrum and part exchanged it for my Mac LCIII way back when.

I probably could have gone to a junk store or market and gotten a broken fan for £5 or less, but this is already a good enough deal for me. The weather is supposed to turn cooler soon, but in the meantime today I’m enjoying my new fan.

metropolitan line luggage rack


I go on the Metropolitan Line every day, it’s the one that goes all the way to Amersham and Watford. The trains are large and long, almost like regular railway trains and not part of the tube. TFL are gradually replacing the older trains with new ones — those are nice, bright and just seem so…modern. As part of the refurbishment, they have rescued a limited number of the distinctive luggage racks. They are not new, but

approximately 50 years old and will bear the patina of service to millions of Londoners. Scratches, abrasions, slight buckles and dents are all part of the authenticity of a decommissioned original.

I like them, and can think of where one can fit in my own home. If it weren’t for the £250 price tag, I’d seriously consider getting one.

horizontal shower


Sometimes when I’m really, really tired, like after running for 4 hours plus, I don’t even have the energy to step into the bath and stand up for a shower. I’d always wished for an automatic showering unit, and had envisioned that it’s like a tall tub where I can sit down and the top closes at neck level, enclosing the body and automatic sprinklers do their business, kinda like a car wash for humans.

This horizontal shower from German company Dornbracht isn’t quite the tub, but I think it probably makes for a far more relaxing experience. The showerheads can be adjusted as gizmodo describes, like

an inverted version of the Bellagio’s fountains, as the various showerheads can be programmed and choreographed to cycle through different intensities and water temperatures

Obviously the main surface should be warm and soft, otherwise it’ll be like laying on a marble slab. Still some tweaking needed, but I’m on board with the idea.

furniture hunting


I gave away my living room furniture — both sideboards, the glass cabinet, coffee table, side table and small cabinet. It’s doubtful if they will survive another container move, and besides I’ve had them for 12 years, it’s time for a change.

So the task this weekend is to go living room furniture hunting. Set off early to Tottenham Court Road area. Heals is having a 50% sale, and habitat is conveniently located next doors. But I was disappointed, didn’t see anything I liked, not even the non-sales items. Surprisingly, it was at next home that I saw a few likely candidates. This is my favourite, from their Seattle range. The tv cabinet and shelf fit my current space perfectly. I’ll probably get the coffee table too. No, I don’t intend to get the big red flower wallpaper, this is just from their online catalogue.

And to totally satisfy myself, I’ll have to make a trip to Ikea to see if there is anything there that could work.

tilt turn window

My landlady was showing me around the garden apartment — the previous tenant had moved out, and she and her husband were getting it ready for the new tenants. As is the case with the whole house, everything was well designed and full of great details. Thom is an architect after all. She was showing me the windows, which she called european style. Whoa!! These are exactly the ones I had in Switzerland. Wonderful, wonderful engineering and design. They open normally, but turn the handle up and the top of the window tilts away from the frame. It’s safe and allows air to circulate. A little bit of googling brought me to some youtube videos, and the knowledge that they are called tilt turn windows here.

sleep the other way


Lately I’ve taken to sleeping upside down, with my head at the foot of the bed and my feet propped up on the foot cushion and my normal pillow. I feel much better, and can sleep better in this position. No idea why. May be psychological.

I either sleep all over the bed, ending up diagonal and occupying the whole bed; or I cocoon myself in a nest of pillows and not move. The only other extended period of sleeping the head-at-foot way round was many years ago when mm and i first got together and she had to go away for a few weeks and I was missing her lots. It made me feel better then too.

[This is an inflatable nappak. Not that it’s relevant, I just thought…well, I just did.]

kitchen bar table


I ordered this last week, and scheduled to take today off so it can get delivered. Plus it’s nice to have a Friday off. Officially it’s called the bongo gunmetal high dining table, in reality it’s more a bar table. Came in 5 huge boxes full of thick cardboard. Took me almost 1.5hrs to put together. Not complicated, just fiddly with lots of allen keying. Larger than I thought, may be the kitchen is smaller than I thought? So now I can’t run all the way from the study to the living room, have to make a detour.

shopping day

It was a glorious day when I woke up, so I went running by the lake. All the way up to where the bike trail ends, then back down along the lakefront all the way to Montrose Beach.

After showering drove to Ikea. The route on google maps is bogus, there’s been roadworks at the Lawrence junction to the Kennedy for ages, so I just took Foster.

I was really hungry by the time I got to Ikea, so I headed to the restaurant immediately and had a large meatball, lingonberries and mashed potato lunch. The aim was to look at kitchen tables, to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on anything. There was one, table and 4 chairs for $129, good price but not what I was looking for. I ended up buying a bedside table to use in the living room by the fireplace, 4 glass bowls at 99c each and a bottle of chopping block oil. I never thought of oiling my chopping blocks, let’s see if it works.

The main shopping was done at home. I finally ordered the bar table and stools I saw at cb2. Delivery on Friday.

Also bought 6 ebooks, catching up on recent releases. And 6 mp3 cds:

  • oracular spectacular — mgmt
  • breakthrough — colbie caillat
  • rattlin’ bones —kasey chambers & shane nicholson
  • b.r.m.c. — black rebel motorcycle club
  • baby 81 — black rebel motorcycle club
  • the e.n.d. — black eyed peas

Oh yes, my musical taste doesn’t make sense, here’s acid, pop, country, alt rock and hip hop.

the familiar ikea shopping experience


I’m very comforted to find that the Ikea shopping experience is similar anywhere in the world. The difference is mainly to do with size of the store, which affects the inventory available. The one here at Schaumberg is the largest I’ve visited, it being the US after all.

I got there early. First stop was the restaurant for meatballs — it’s been a while and I was totally happy to find out that it’s on special for just $1.

On my shopping list were: sofa bed, small table, rug, kitchen table & chairs, floor cushion, dessert bowls. Obviously can’t buy all of them, but I wanted to see what’s available this season.

In the end, I did buy the sofa bed, the Beddinge system to be exact. Imagine when I took the stuff to my car to find…the box was too long, even with the back seats down. Yikes!!! So I drove home very slowly and carefully with the boot door open and held down by a piece of rope. It wasn’t too bad. My downstairs neighbour helped me take it upstairs, thanks Dave.

Assembly was a doddle. Oh, I also got a couple of square cushions to go with it. And a 3-cushion system for the floor in the bay window. I saw the kitchen bar table I liked, that will have to be another trip.


cablebox01before cablebox02after

Sooner or later, with all the gadgets we own, we end up with a mess of wires everywhere. There are plenty of cable organisers around. I bought 3 of these cableboxes for: a) their aesthetics — they’re well designed, almost Swiss; and b) their capacity. I was able to fit a wide surge protector, the mbp adaptor, the airport, stiff cable wires, adaptor for the modem and usb charger for the iPhone/iPod into the box. Impressive.

space01before space02after
While I was on their website, I ordered a spacestation to replace the usb hub and other wires for the mbp. This one isn’t as useful as I thought, and since I already have a coolsink, the “prop the end of the laptop for cooling” bit is less relevant. Still, looks nice.

#74 get new pillows

hkhome011pillow hkhome012pillow

I needed to get new pillows cos the old ones are 10 years old and have gotten soft. I’ve been using the neck support pillows for a long time. The old ones I got from a regular store, it’s the first time I’ve seen them without the cover and it turns out that they are a sponge.

The new ones, on the right, are memory foam pillows by tempur. Needless to say they’re stiffer and more supportive, not only cos they are new but I suppose the technology is better.

#75 get new air-conditioners


The air-conditioner in my bedroom should have been replaced 3 years ago, I just never got round to it. Lately it’s been making such a racket that I have difficulties sleeping (jetlag notwithstanding). Once I decided, I acted quickly. Went to the electronics store on Tuesday and bought 2 — one for the study too since it’s as old as the one in the bedroom. Originally they were supposed to be delivered yesterday but it got cancelled because of the typhoon. Today they arrived. It took the technicians about an hour to install both, they even took the old ones away.

All in all, a nice deal. I didn’t get fancy ones, just store branded. It’s fine for the time being.

more room in bed please

Since Mum is here with me, I have a twin hotel room. I haven’t been sleeping very well because I’m not used to sharing my sleeping quarters with anyone, so I hear her whenever she moves around.

Plus, it’s been a long time since I slept in a single bed. There’s not enough room! [/whine] Another reason I’m looking forward to going home, I need my nice queen bed to roll around in. Sometimes I sleep horizontally, sometimes diagonally and there were periods when I slept with my head at the foot of the bed.

Talking about bed sizes, I’ve always been confused about the difference between UK and US bed sizes. I never got what “full size” meant. It’s most relevant when I’m buying bedsheets and similar. So, I looked it up.

  • smallest 3’ wide — US tends to call these twins and are 38” wide; UK calls them singles and are 36” wide
  • middle 4’6”-ish wide — this is what Americans call full and British / Europeans / Australians (ie the rest of the world) call doubles
  • the big 5’ wide one — this is the queen size, and what I have. Sometimes in the UK it’s called a king
  • the super large 6’ wide one — this is the luxurious king (sometimes super king in the UK) that are found in hotels

I don’t want to get into California Kings, Olympic Queens, Small Singles, Long Kings and all the variations.

Standards, people. Standards.

my mbp vacuums too

Two of the items I want for Christmas — a new lens for my camera and a roomba. The lens is understandable, cos I want a better lens, right? But what’s up with the roomba (or equivalent)? Because I’m too tired or lazy to clean all the time. My sis commented that all I seem to do at weekends is laundry, ironing and grocery shopping. I don’t clean often enough.

via wired, someone allgedly wrote a script that allows control of the roomba using the mbp’s tilt sensor. I mean, the tilt sensor can already be used to make lightsabre noises, and now it can vacuum my floor? swoon

my chair arrived

Our office upgraded to aeron chairs over 2 years ago. Very expensive and kinda pretentious, but I’m so used to sitting in one for long hours, it’s so comfortable and has the “others pale in comparison” effect. I spend so much time at my desk nowadays, even more than my sofa, or any other piece of furniture except the bed. I’ve been sitting on the very stiff dining chairs for a few weeks and it’s not a long term solution. So I ordered one, and it arrived today. Recline, tilt, slide, roll … woot!


alas poor telly

For the first time in weeks and weeks, I watched a little TV today, to give the mbp a little downtime. And then I left it on to take a shower and when I came back outside it was making a quiet whining noise and the picture was gone. Tried changing channels, nothing. Tried the buttons on the TV itself, nope. Bye bye TV.

Well, it is an 8 year old 25” antique that has travelled around the world. I took it to New York and Zurich. How many TV sets can claim the same?

Another excuse to buy a new toy, heehee.

wake up


From boing boing.

Even though I never get enough sleep, I’m usually okay about waking up to the alarm. Not that I actually like waking up with the alarm, I’m too uptight to just sleep and ignore it. When I travel, I take my little alarm clock and back it up with the hotel’s wake-up service.

Still, it’s interesting to see a top ten list of the most annoying alarm clocks. Most work by making you physically get out of the bed, to retrieve the clock itself while it either rolls around the room or retreats higher toward the ceiling; or some smaller objects that are shot out by the clock at the appointed hour. They look kinda cute too.

Oh, on a completely related subject, walked home again today.

my own private bubble

I keep feeling “trapped” today. From the moment I got on the bus this morning, to even now, as I’m writing this. I don’t know what by — location, job, home, boredom — it’s more of a general feeling that I need to get out of …. somewhere and something. It’s probaby temporary, although it may be the manifestation of accumulated resentment. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be feeling “floaty”, how do I know.

So today’s post is quite fitting. From designboom via boingboing.

This is an entry into a teenage furniture competition, called MyRoom, which its Belgian designer says “integrates an inflatable lightweight nylon-fabric room, a PE air mattress and a polyester storage bag into a mobile privacy cocoon.” The combination weighs only 2.6kg and inflates from bag to full size in 3 minutes. There is room for small personal, but indespensable, items like iPod, flash drive and, um, toys-that-need-to-be-hidden-away — these just stay inside the package when deflated. Perfect for sleepovers and to create a private space anywhere you want. It’s like camping in luxury, indoors. I think adults can benefit from it too, I’d love to escape into it and not get bothered by the outside world.


broken shelves

From boing boing, originally from marieke gast, a Berlin-based designer.

Last week it was ultra modern shelves with pull out chair and table. This week I came across some shelves that give haphazard new meaning. The piece is called Broken Shelf and it’s even weirder than the other ones. According to the designer it’s “a more natural way of shelving books.”

The broken shelves actually provide support for taller books and nothing falls out. There’s even space to put a human inside. What is it with providing seating with shelves nowadays? Must admit, will filled with books, doesn’t look so odd, though I think a more traditional shelf can hold more.

brokenshelf1  brokenshelf2

cool shelf

Another one via boing boing, this one originally from mocoloco.

Modern design shelfing unit / room divider. The shelves themselves are not your traditional boring grid, they’re a slanted, but books can still be kept there. There is a pull out chair and table for easy access. Even though they look nice and expensive even, I can’t imagine having these shelves at home, too … overdesigned? Show-offy? Cold? I like the slanted shelves but I’m iffy on the chair and table. Oh, the lamp is called Titanic lamp. I wonder why, may be cos it’s half submerged?



faery lights

Mum bought me another string of faery lights, it’s 3 times more expensive than the ones I bought myself but when I opened the box you should see the grin on my face when I discovered it’s at least 3 times longer than the previous ones, so no harm done. Now both sides of my living room is lit, plus there’s an extension that goes into the corridor and over my gallery prints, it puts emphasis on the prints, yay! It goes on further, round the large mirror, behind the wines and over the main door.

I don’t need normal lights, ever. Hmmmm.

I wonder if it’s more expensive than just a regular table lamp, probably, but I don’t care, it’s beautiful.

my bed

All I could think of yesterday, stuck at the airport departure lounge waiting for the gate to open cos the flight’s delayed so they could fix the plane’s aircon, was how much I wanted to get home. A short flight but do much waiting. Plane, waiting for the luggage, waiting for the train, waiting for the taxi. Lines everywhere.

Most of all I wanted my bed. It’s not the biggest, or has the best mattress, or the best linen, but it’s my comfy bed that’s all mine. A simple Ikea queen size pine bed with slats. A heavy hard mattress that I turn over whenever I remember.

Hotel beds are nice, clean sheets everyday, more pillows than I need, but it’s not my bed.

Hotel beds are huge, even more huge than mine, but it’s not my bed.

I miss curling up inside my 2 duvets, the same 2 duvets regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

I miss the feel of the sheets and the duvet cover on my skin. Oh yes my bed has one big rule, the wearing of clothing is optional and highly overrated.

I miss the clock at the side table.

I even miss the sunshine breaking through the curtains in the morning.


well seated

For 27 years the Concorde whisked passengers “faster than the sun” across the Atlantic, bringing them to New York even before their departure time from London.

After the last commercial flight on 24 October 2003, the fleet retired to various museums, mainly in the UK. But 500 seats have been removed and are now being restored and offered for sale as executive seating. Each will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity plus a discrete engraved plaque on the seat itself to signify its exclusivity.

Price for this piece of aviation memorabilia? USD10,000 (plus tax), GBP5,000(plus vat) or EUR7,500. On a first come first served basis at concordeseats.com.

There were 100 seats on board each Concorde, and the most sought after was seat 1A, which served all types of celebrity and royalty. Only 5 1A seats are being offered, at double the price.

Check out the website, there’s a neat little flash animation that rotates the chair.

All this for a chair. And here I am, trying to decide whether to splash out $600 on a Herman Miller. Hmmm.


We’re getting new chairs for the office. It’s a big thing. Okayyy.

We have to make sure our personal belongings and confidential files are all locked away. We even got instructions on how to use these chairs properly – how to adjust the height, tilt, lumbar depth and all. It’s all very technical. Just in case pictures aren’t enough, we can download quicktime videos to learn about the various ergonomic adjustment options available. Or what about articles, research summaries, case studies and awards, these are all available on the webpage.

I mean, it’s nice and all but it’s only a chair, people. No need to go all TMI. Sheesh.