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I haven’t been sleeping well. I wake up constantly during the night and get woken up at 7am by the slightest noise outside, and I can’t go back to sleep. Yes, yes I know some people have to wake up earlier than 7am to go to work and I shouldn’t be complaining. This is about quality of sleep.

Anyway, I did some research into colour noises and how pink noise helps sleep. The low hum of static noise such as coming from a fan or on an unused radio frequency appears to pacify busy parts of the brain. It’s summer so the aircon is on at night, but I thought I should supplement it since obviously it’s not sufficient.

There are white noise machines, 10 hour youtube videos, downloadable mp3s, and free streaming services. Lots of choices.

At the end, I downloaded the app from simplynoise, and placed my old iphone on my pillow so the noise was close to my ear all night. I used the brown noise option, and had it on low oscillation. Brown noise has lower frequencies and with the oscillation it sounded like gentle waves. (One minute example above.) Did it help? I managed to sleep a little later than usual, so perhaps. The iphone battery lasted all night, so it was good. Time will tell.


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