back stretches


All of a sudden yesterday night my lower back started to really hurt. I get back pain sometimes after a run, which is why I rely so heavily on my foam roller. I’m at parents’ so no roller or alternative, and this time it’s especially painful and stiff. I googled and found quite a lot of stretches aimed at reliefing lower back tension. Put the images together in one place for easy reference.

Wow, I didn’t realise how stiff my hips and hamstrings are. I could feel the strain when I do these exercises. Not quite cured of back pain but feeling a bit looser in places. Plus, improving hip extension is good for running.

I especially like this hamstring stretch. I use a resistance band and a small pillow in place of the yoga gear.

back, neck, wrist

I visited an orthopedic chiropractor today, to have my neck and wrist pain looked at. No surprise that I’m stiff and my vertabrae are out of place. In fact, my #4, 5 and 6 vertebrae seem to have slipped from their positions. I know the area around my lower back is problematic too, but that wasn’t the focus today.

First a technician (that’s the best description I can come up with for the lady in the white coat) “worked” me up — a 15 minute therapeutic massage on my neck, shoulder and arms. Not the comfortable spa massages, oh no. This one was painful. She was strong.

Then to the doctor’s office. I sat in what looked like a barber’s chair while he manipulated and pressed on what was presumably acupuncture points all along my neck, the joint between my upper arm and my shoulder and down along my arm. Then he rubbed some “energy” into the top of my head and my left ear. It felt hot and stinging actually. Right now I hurt all over, but I think I will sleep easy tonight and will be better in the morning. Going back on Thursday.