don’t judge

Today is the semi-annual charity collection. One of the collection points is diagonally opposite us, so it’s really convenient. We had been storing up stuff to give to them, there’s a big pile of clothes, books, kitchen and home stuff. Sis came over to help too, and we carted some bags to the collection point. The building janitor expressed interest in some of the stuff, so we gave some to him. I usually give him old electronics that he can use as parts or sell.

The part-time helper came too so we had 4 pairs of hands packing today. Made some progress. I should be pleased that so much got done, but I’m not. We’re running out of time and there’s still so much stuff not sorted. Why is it so difficult? Takes mum 5 minutes to go through one item of clothing. How can one person have so much clothes?

In terms of distraction and entertainment, how about this 9-year old captioning New Yorker cartoons. It started when her aunt posted her work, which then got noticed by the magazine itself.


I have several favourites. This one is most apt to my current circumstances. I’m trying very hard not to judge, honest.

nyc gifathon

I have a trip in march and another one in april so too early to think about the summer conference trip. One possibility is to fly in and out of New York. I was reminded to start doing some research when I saw this in adweek.

Animator James Curran made 30 gifs celebrating his 30 days visiting New York which he then put together in a sequence called NYC Gifathon. Some are easy to get, like King Kong on the Empire State Building; some are more personal to him, like eating hamburgers and lifting weights; others are seasonal, like Thanksgiving parade and Black Friday.

nycgiftathon20 nycgiftathon23

A lot of fun. My favourites are NYC marathon, Little Italy and MoMA.

Mr Benn

So on fb there’s this meme to change your avatar to a favourite childhood cartoon. I changed mine to Mr Benn. Mr Benn wore a suit and bowler hat, and he visited a costume shop where the shopkeeper gives him different costumes to try. He then goes into the changing room and off to an adventure dressed as that costume. It was a simple, escapist cartoon that I used to watch when I was very very little. Oh, the memories.

tech cartoons

I hate chain and forwarded joke emails with a vengeance. I’m afraid to say that any friend or acquaintance who sends me these will themselves vastly marked down in my opinion of them. If I can get away with it, I usually tell them never to send me such emails ever again. Why am I so rude?

  1. It’s a waste of my time to have to read and delete the email
  2. I don’t want my details to end up in some spammer’s email box — I have no control over the action of the other people on the recipient list

So anyway I got one of these emails from an ex-colleague today. I was less stressed about it cos it came to my work mailbox. Some of it was actually funny. But I will practice what I preach and not forward to anyone. Instead I’ll post them here.

techcartoon01 techcartoon02 techcartoon03 techcartoon04 techcartoon05