cyclo knitter

I’ll let design student George Barratt-Jones talk about his invention, the Cyclo Knitter, in his own words:

Imagine Its the midst of winter. You are cold and boared waiting for your train at the station. This pedal powered machine gets you warm by moving, you are making something while you wait and in the end you are left with a free scarf! That you can decide to keep yourself or give to someone who needs it more.

Its all about spreading joy and making those boring moments more fun.


Cycle on a stationary bike for 5mins, get a 1.5m scarf. Genius.

organised socks


One of the consequences of packing a uber bag is I learned about how to ranger roll clothes. It works with smaller items of clothing like thin t-shirts, underwear and socks. I’m not very proficient at rolling larger t-shirts, sweatshirts or jeans. I think it’s because I’m not rolling the initial parts tight enough so the end bundle is too fat.

I found out a way to fold socks that folds in the ankle then two simple folds. It’s different from ranger roll and results in a flatter end product. Barely takes up any space. I went through my socks drawer and refolded everything. Now it looks very neat. I’m very proud of myself.

running not in $99 gear

8.0km 1.11.07hr 8.53min/km

Humidity is marginally lower, but speed is still not here. Whatever.

I try to think back to why I started running. What I posted 4 years ago is still relevant. I hadn’t made much progress in 4 years, due to lethargy and lack of interest in participating in the local running scene.

Anyway, another reason for starting running was the cost, or supposed lack of cost. I don’t like joining gyms, I hate group classes. I love racket sports but have no one to play with. I love basketball but haven’t played in 20 years.

So yeah, cheapest sport. Everyone should have t-shirt, shorts or loose clothing. Most people will have sneakers or comfortable shoes. Tell the time using a watch, or check the clock on the way out and way in. Check distance by measuring on a map or run around a track. So in theory it costs nothing, but of course it doesn’t work that way. Gear creep starts with shoes, then it’s tech shirts, then GPS, then wearables, then all the various and sundry accessories.

Shoes come first for me. Initially I went to the running store to get the latest models but I quickly learned how to seek out good running shoes for under $100. One pair can last something like 500 miles, so it is worth the investment, unlike cheap $16 walmart shoes that are so terrible they aren’t even worth paying for.

I used to have a nike+, then a polar HRM, then a garmin. I just use the iphone nowadays. Zombies run is free, although I did pay $9.99 for a full version before they messed up the pricing and update. It was worth the money, especially since legacy pro users came out ahead after the mess.

Other gear I’ve bought include a very useful spibelt, water bottle belt, earphones, knee braces, KT tape, foam rollers and compression socks. I don’t think I’ve been that indulgent. Many of the gear is from 4-5 years ago and I’ll keep on using them until they need to be replaced. I run in tech shirts from races, cheap shorts from the market, ordinary socks and a towel, the sort we get from the market to use around home.

I guess if I wanted to, I can splash out a lot for clothing. But I won’t. I’m certainly not going to pay $89, or $99, or $129 full price for this ridiculously named PHYSICLO x RXACTIVE: Activewear series of shorts and leggings with

custom power mesh panels that push your leg muscles to work harder, resulting in increased muscle tone and caloric burn


The claims are equally impressive outlandish: 23% more muscle activity, 14% more calories burned, 8% increase in heart rate. What’s amazing is over 850 people have bought into the indiegogo campaign. Hive mindset or people with too much money or people wanting to get in on the lastes, coolest, gear?

old jeans

ripjeans02 ripjeans03

Here’s a story from GCLS Dallas 2013. I was running around all con taking pictures of everything and all the sessions, this is pretty well known. Thursday was a long day, ending with karaoke night. I had a big rip in my jeans all day, and no one said anything.

The jeans were old 501s, a favourite, and already ripped in the knees and the bum. The rip at the seams had been repaired, and the knee area patched up. The thing about jeans is that you can wear them when they are badly ripped, some stores even sell them pre-ripped.

So in the morning, I was running around as usual in the main area when I heard this tearing noise behind me. Argh, somehow I’ve inflicted another rip at the back, just underneath the seat of the jeans. There was no time to waste because sessions were beginning so I hoped that my shirt was long enough to cover it. Anyway, no one complained. Either they didn’t notice, or they were too polite to tell me, or they were laughing at me behind my back. Hmmmph.

I had to say good-bye to them though at the end. I bought quite a lot of stuff, had to re-pack and it became a victim of my shopping. Not before I took a few pictures. Currently I have 3 pairs of jeans I wear in rotation, and I’m noticing that my favourite pair is becoming ripped while my least favourite pair stubbornly remains pristine — I was hoping to wear the least favourite one old quicker, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Typical.

star wars hipsters are dope

img src=”” alt=”bobafett” />

Something different, that is not running or food or macs. Spotted via flavorwire, very interesting twisted mashup by illustrator John Woo, of Star Wars characters in modern hipster outfits. Padme looks no different, and Darth Vader looks oh so coquettish in a Band of Outsiders suit. But my absolute favourite, is Boba Fett in Comme des Garçons. So fetcing. So dreamy. Even after all these years, I still hanker after his helmet and flight jacket.



It’s getting colder, and there is a small threat of snow at the weekend. I found a pajama shirt at the bottom of the t-shirt drawer and I’ve been wearing it to bed instead of what I usually wear. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve worn a long-sleeved something to bed. It’s a blue flannel shirt from Old Navy, it’s nice and fluffy and warm.

acupuncture shoes


mm and I discovered acupuncture shoes a couple of years ago and I’ve been wearing these blue jellys pretty much non-stop for over 2 years. They’re comfortable, goes well with all my clothes and are eye-catching. I get “nice shoes” from people all the time. They’ve been with me all over the world — business and holiday. They’ve probably logged over 200,000 air miles. But during last week’s trip to Cape Cod I realised their time was up: when it was raining, the water seeped through the cracks in the plastic and my feet got thoroughly soaked.

So I’m switching to a new pair. In honour of the old trusted pair, here’s a nice shot using the lomo app on my iphone.

it turned hot suddenly


It was only Saturday that I remarked to mm that I could still go to bed without having the aircon on. Argh! Jinx. It turned hot all of a sudden. Not only hot, but humid and sticky with heavy showers thrown in. Very uncomfortable. I took a shower after I got home yesterday and then by bedtime I had to take a second shower.

I dunno how I can go through another hot hot hot summer. I think it’s time to bring out the air conditioned shirt. If only I knew about this when I was in Tokyo.

via gizmodo who were actually talking about air-conditioned chairs.


Turns out, my cool yellow raincoat isn’t as waterproof as I thought. It was pissing down with rain and it was almost 4pm, I was watching TV and contemplating taking a nap. In other words I was enjoying being at home out of the rain.

Then mm called about some documents that I had to sign and it was blah blah blah urgent-cakes. I had to go out. I don’t want to talk about it but I was severely annoyed. Yes it couldn’t be helped but it didn’t take away the severity of my annoyance. I dislike leaving home on a good day, and on a day when I had no reason to go out? Blah. Because of the urgency I took a taxi; then watched as the bus I would have normally taken pass merrily in front of the taxi that had gotten stuck in a traffic jam.

And on top of it, I got soaked coming home. At first I thought I’d take the bus home then I missed the bus, and the rain got heavier so I walked back to the taxi stand at my old office. Part of it involved walking up a long hill while a waterfall of rain water poured its way down past me. My trousers got soaked almost to my knees and my raincoat started getting wet all over and sticking to my arms and shirt.



Did I mention I love the Garfield t-shirt, even though we joked today that it’s in the way, that we have Garfleid in between our skin and it needs to come off.

Why? Two reasons. First is that you forgot it when we moved from London. It stayed at the bottom of my pile of t-shirts those few years of not being together, cos I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. It reminded me too much. And now you’re wearing it again it gives me a nice feeling.

Second reason is I love how it feels, it’s a very old t-shirt that is quite worn down, which means it’s very thin and smooth. Thin means I can feel better. Feel what? I’ll leave it to your imagination.