“conference crud”


Several people at the conference were under the weather—in a gathering of 350 people, statistically there will be someone with a cold or cough. Others reported coming down with conference crud after they got home. I had a low-grade, dryish cough throughout conference week, not enough to bother me. It flared up for real on the plane, probably due to the dry atmosphere. It also moved from the back of my throat down towards my lungs. Ugh.

I took some panadol and found some cough medicine in the fridge. Mostly, I know that medicine doesn’t work with coughs and it’ll go away by itself eventually. Went to the market to buy ingredients for soup and to get some lemons. Regular honey & lemon during the day and hot toddy near bedtime—jim beam black, honey, lemon, half a stick of cinnamon, hot water. A couple of glasses at nght beats going to the doctor.

honey and lemon magic

mielepots norwayrepsils

I got sick on the first day of our holiday, the first day in Copenhagen. Could have been on the plane, layover at Dubai, the train from the airport, or when walking around in the city. I knew when my throat felt so dry when I woke up after the first night. It wasn’t a sore throat, just an extremely uncomfortable dryness. I tried drinking throughout the day, and had a supply of ricola and chewing gum at hand.

By the time we got on the cruise I knew I was going to be sick. The worst day was Kiel, when my throat felt like it was on fire the whole day. Apart from that, I didn’t feel any worse than normal, no tiredness, no cough (yet) so I tried to continue with the holiday as normal.

The fiery throat abated somewhat over the next 2 days when we reached the fjords but the coughing started. Mum asked if I wanted to go to the medical centre, but I didn’t want to. By the time we reached Bergen, I had begun to run out of ricola but luckily we found a 7-eleven and bought some strepsils. Or as they call it, repsils. Big help, especially the double action ones.

What also helped was the availability of honey and lemon in the cafeteria. I took enough pots of honey at breakfast to last the whole day and there’s always sliced lemon at the tea/coffee station. Drinking 3-4 large glasses a day must have helped soothe the scratchiness in my throat. And the coughing too. If I were at home I would have added whisky (of course) but just the honey and lemon was good enough.

Plus, this time I didn’t try to run a half marathon in the middle of a flu, just slow 30mins on the treadmill in the gym, so I didn’t get more sick. Still coughing a little, just as well I still have a supply of honey.