pokemongo dratini day


It’s pokémongo community day #2 and it’s dratini this month. Good motivation:

  • increased dratini spawn
  • dragonite evolved during the window will get draco meteor moveset
  • 3x stardust for all catches
  • 3hr lures

I have over 500 ultraballs and around 60 pinaps in my bag (just because, not on purpose), so I was in good shape. I thought the event started at 12pm but when I went out at around 11.30am I saw a bunch of dratinis already. Of course it being niantic, there were problems galore: network error, error 2, error 22, error 26, no gps, and couldn’t login sometimes when I tried to restart the game. There were times after loading when no stops or pokémons could be seen. That went on for a good 1-2hrs, which was alright because I was at lunch.

Sometime around 2pm everything seemed to have gotten fixed. I went to central piers where there is a good 700-800m stretch facing the harbour where commuter ferries dock. Normally it’s already a great spot for dratinis and water-types and today it was a veritable bounty. I ended up using a couple of lucky eggs and basically walked up and down between pier 2 and pier 9 catching everything. Tons of stops, all lured and sometimes in one spot there’d be 6-7 dratini spawning one after another.

I saw on twitter that they knew there’s a problem and the event will be extended. In the end I was there for around 2hrs. I forgot to track my starting stats, rough numbers:

  • dratini caught: around 120
  • of which shiny: 5
  • evolved to dragonair: 1 shiny
  • evolved to dragonite: 1 shiny, 3 regular
  • stardust: no idea, but 120x100x3=36,000 and I caught others too
  • xp: no idea, I was at 3xx,xxx and now I’m at 448,000

Didn’t manage a 100% IV dragonite, the best is 98% IV which I’m really happy about. Threw away a lot of low IV dratinis, and the worst one I didn’t throw away is a shiny at 19% IV. I was using pokeassistant initially and got 18% but pokemeter and pokegenie both gave me 19%. It’s the absolute worst ever pokémon in my collection. Since it’s a shiny, and since it’s so terrible, I simply must keep it.

I also like the comments from pokemeter. “Your Dratini has an awful IV, but it’s happy!” Snerk.

hello, human person


This is a fun way of wasting a few minutes. An online word association game called Robot Mind Meld. Both human player and robot attempt to come up with the same word that associates with words each had already came up wth. The idea behind the Numberbatch AI is that it thinks quantitiatively about how words relate to each other by

analyzing millions of documents for patterns, these “numberbatches” now play a role in most programs that process language, from speech recognition to machine translation.


At first, I couldn’t get anywhere and got stuck after more than 10 rounds. But then bingo! We did it in 3 rounds.

I’m not that great with word associations because I either use very literal relationships or go off in a weird tangent. Some of the answers from the mefi users were odd and funny too. Some only took 2 rounds, someone took 79. I LOLed at this:

1 gun boat
2 gunboat gunboat

sushi train, escape room

Met sis, gis, my cousin and his kids for lunch at a sushi restaurant sis suggested. It used to be a conveyor belt restaurant, but now it’s a sushi train. We order via a tablet, the food is prepared in the kitchen and sent to us on a miniature train. We take the plate and push a button to send the empty train back. It’s very, very cool. Much better than conveyor belt because the food is fresher and we can actually pick what we want instead of sitting around hoping for something good to arrive. The kids loved it.

2017xmas042lost 2017xmas043lost

After lunch, sis had booked us all to go to an escape room game at a place called Lost. The coolness of the day continued. We played a game called Alcatraz, where we were split into 3 teams and locked in 3 cells: Red, Green & Blue. We had to work together, solve puzzles and escape from the cells. The puzzles, in retrospect, were pretty straightforward, but in the moment when everything was unknown and we were all trying to scream at each other, it felt more stressed. Plus there’s always the time limit–45mins. We all managed to escape our cells but ran out of time to solve the last puzzle to escape from the room itself. A huge amount of fun and something I’d do again in a heartbeat. The kids say it’s one of the best they’ve played.

Everyone had separate plans so I ended up sitting in a Mcdonalds for 2hrs drinking one small coke zero and reading on my ipad. This branch is pretty good, not very crowded. I was waiting for mm to finish to meet her to help her with shopping. Her family is having a gathering this weekend and doing a New Year’s version of Christmas Secret Santa. The budget is local$200, but the difficulty is the gift has to be suitable for her parents (in their 70s) as well as her nieces and nephew (teen and pre-teen). I gave her a magnetic noughts-and-crosses game I’d originally bought for my nieces and she got a box of nice biscuits and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Under budget too.

We weren’t that hungry so dinner was just noodles. Went to HMV to have a beer and chat for a bit until time to go home.

pokemon go fest refund


This arrived via email. So they will refund the cost of the ticket (and fees), give everyone $100 worth of pokécoins, and add a legendary lugia. In order to get the $20-plus refund, we have to fill in a form and wait till 1 September. The coins and lugia will be added to the account of everyone who checked in by scanning (or trying a thousand times to scan) the QR code. Let’s see how long it takes, they say 7 business days.

I’m so tired I can’t get the energy to go out to find an articuno raid. I have no idea if people are raiding and I don’t want to show up at a raid and see no one. I can only see what’s around me and I know there are very few people around. I know I’m missing out. After the disaster that was the go fest experience I’m becoming salty about the whole game.

game burgers

Here’s another post that belongs in London 2012. The Exotic Meat Company at Borough market is my go-to place if I’m there at mealtimes. They have a grill that sells ostrich or kangaroo rolls for around £5-6. The stall sells mainly ostrich from Gamston Wood Farm but also stocks exotic burgers like springbok, kudu, bison, zebra, impala and crocodile. Aside from the exotic nature of these meats, they tend to be leaner and healthier than beef. Mum and I bought a bunch of these burgers to try out over the course of a couple of weeks. Here in reverse order of our preference:

5: camel
The toughest of the lot. Fatty and tendon-y. It’s a delicacy in the middle east, but since most of the meat comes from the hump, it stands to reason that it is really fatty.

The flavour is okay, a bit like veal. But the reason it comes 5th is down to the fattiness, it was like eating a mouthful of fat.

4: zebra
I’ve had zebra before, in Kenya and found it tough then. Still finding it tough this time. Quite chewy, but not as fatty as the camel. Again, it’s a meat that is supposed to be leaner and healthier than beef. Some describe it as tasting a little like rabbit while some describe it as tasting like horse or beef. Gotta laugh, rabbit and horse taste nothing like each other. I thought the camel tasted more like horse than rabbit, it’s not as delicate or tender, which is what I’d expect from rabbit.

3: llama
Llama, not surprisingly, is traditionally eaten in Bolivia and other South American countries. It’s supposed to taste like less greasy beef and lamb. I liked the taste, which was like lower quality, coarser beef. It was nice and meaty, although on the dry side.

2: elk
Considering elks are a member of the deer family, elk meat will be like venison. A large animal found in North America and some parts of Asia. Some people lump elk with deer and all them all venison anyway. I thought it was less red meat-like than venison, tasted more like beef and a little like veal.

1: springbok
Springboks are antelopes, so technically it’s another venison. Commonly found and served in South Africa. It’s a smaller animal than the elk, and this is reflected in the meat. Very tender, very subtle, lean and not gamey. Definitely our favourite in terms of taste, texture, colour and flavour.

food adventure part 2

snakesoup claypotfroglegrice

Met up with mm for lunch of soup and rice. Sounds normal enough? Ha!! The soup is thick and savoury, made with snake, chicken, mushroom and topped with chrysanthemum leaves and crunchy crackers. And yes, snake tastes like chicken — a little tougher chicken, as if it’d been boiled for too long. Tasty, very tasty.

The rice was cooked directly in a claypot. We ordered two, the first was topped with frog’s legs and more mushroom, the second was snake liver and fish swim bladder. Probably scary even just reading about it, right? The frog’s legs were our favourites, and they taste like very tender chicken. The snake liver and fish bladder were okay, a little crunchy, as if they needed a bit more braising. The rice was almost burnt, so the bottom is like crunchy rice cracker. Nice.

christmas feast


I did cheat, yes, with a store-bought roast. I got from M&S a guinea fowl, duck & pheasant ballotine — it’s not something I would get normally, nor would I have been able to make it myself, so I consider it my Christmas indulgence. It came out of the packaging all ready for the oven, all I needed was to prep the veg — new potatoes, sweet potatoes and purple sprouts (on the stalk). The ballotine was supposed to take 2hrs at 180°C, so I timed the veg so they were ready at the same time.

Skyped sis and mum around 1pm, and by 1.45pm the food was ready so I signed off. While the ballotine rested, I reheated the veg and made the gravy. Boneless meant easy to carve and I generously gave myself 2 thick slices. Served with cranberry & port sauce and lots of gravy. Bear in mind that there’s how the picture looks (before) and how the plate actually looks (after) — I add food and literally poured gravy onto everything after I took the pic. The ballotine was good, although I couldn’t quite tell the difference between each of the meat, all I could see and taste was that there was some dark meat and some white meat. The potatoes were good, good, good. Everything was delicious. It didn’t feel strange to be eating at almost 2.30pm.


Waited till nighttime for dessert. My downstairs neighbour invited me for tea so I had to stop by for an hour. Plus getting dressed and combing my hair, heehee. Dessert was stollen which I bought in Prague. Had it with the sparkling cranberries and a dollop of marmalade. All in all a very filling and unhurried Christmas feast.

venison with little gem lettuce


And now back to the regular food porn series. I got this venison steak for £5 at M&S on Friday. Pan fried for about 6mins so it’s still very rare. Deglazed the pan with butter and served with sautéed little gem lettuce. Took all of 10mins. Drinking it with a beaujolais nouveau I got last week. I’ll never get on Masterchef until I learn more about artistic presentation, but I cook pretty well, I think.

pan fried venison tenderloin


They were cooking elk on chopped, which reminded me that I had a delicious venison tenderloin. Car’s cousin gave it to me, her husband hunted and they had lots of venison in their freezer. All I did was pan fried it with some fresh thyme, and kept it very rare, almost undercooked. It wasn’t gamey at all, delicate and tasty. Served it with rocket and cherry tomatoes.

squirrel crisps

squirrel crisps

I’ve eaten snake, ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo and I’m not afraid of trying new food. i’d like to try south american guinea pig only if they would cut it up though. Lately, there seems to be a new meat, which surprises me a bit, because i’d never thought about eating squirrel. Yes, squirrel.

Thinking about it, it makes sense. It’s just another gamey meat isn’t it. I imagine it’s a little like rabbit, or probably a dark meat version of rabbit. Though it’s kinda small, and according to the NYT, quite fiddly.

One might think that because of easy availability, squirrel would be the perfect meal-stretcher for these economically challenged times, but it takes a lot of work to get the meat off even the plumpest squirrel

The latest squirrel-y craze? Walkers just brought out cajun squirrel crisps.

grilled kangaroo steak


I bought a pack of frozen kangaroo sirloin steak at Melbourne airport. They packaged it in an insulating box and it survived the flight remarkably well.

It’s a red meat. In raw form it’s darker than beef though not as dark as venison. Looked very lean, which seems to be the case. Though labelled sirloin, the pieces looked more like fillet with their cylindrical shape.

All I did was grill them like normal beef steak. Season with pepper and sear at high heat. When almost ready to turn, salt the uncooked side then turn over. Season again. Turn the heat down to medium and use the same softness test as usual steak. I sliced it up and served it over a bed of green salad, tomato and mango — just cos that was what I had in the fridge.

I don’t know whether it’s the quality of the meat, that I didn’t salt till I was ready to turn it over, or that I let it rest properly but the juices held and it sure was tasty. It had more texture than beef and wasn’t tough. I really liked how it had bite. A little game-y but not overpowering like venison or even ostrich. I wish it’s more widely available.