#25 find colour in an unusual place


Task #25 of 101.1001 is one of the incomplete ones from the 2007 challenge. This was from tues, find colour in an unusual place:

any color, bright or drab that you wouldn’t normally find in place. (example, on a steel gray manhole cover a small scrap of brilliant pink colored wrapping paper)

I’m not a very observant person when I’m out and about. Mostly I want to get to my destination with the minimum interaction with the external environment. I also keep forgetting this task. Sometimes I do see possibilities, like flower petals on a concrete slope, or oddly coloured flowers we saw at the market last year.

This was on my run today. A bunch of blue and white balloons were stuck underneath a park bench. The blue and white are not colours we expect to see at a park, especially the blue which was more aquamarine. I’m thinking someone had a wedding or graduation photoshoot there and left the balloons. All the better for my challenge.

It’s also poignant. tues set this assignment in 2007, and I took this on an iphone and instagrammed it. In 2007 the iphone just came out and instagram wouldn’t appear until 2010.

4 second boomerang videos

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Been playing around with boomerang, a new app from instagram that takes a burst of photos and stitches them into a forward and backward 4 second video. It’s quite silly but fun. There are other apps that does this; I was looking into one called phhhoto–I think I didn’t like the lack of privacy in that one.


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And this one is the guitar player at the school fair over the weekend. I think there’s lots of potential for silly gif-like pics.


sunset from bus

sunset20150528 sunsetlionrock

Had early dinner with my dad, we decided the restaurant wasn’t worth going back to—indifferent service, mediocre food. Did some basic shopping then we caught separate buses home (he has senior discount, so he can take any bus; I took the cheaper one).

Sat on the upper deck, caught a bit of the sunset. While it’s all very nice to see a sunset, I’d rather it was raining and the temperature cooler.

#20: 1001 instagrams total


Task #20 of 101.1001 is to reach 1001 instagram/vine/snapchat total. I tried vine and it was fine, but instagram offered similar videoing functionality and I’m used to using instagram, so my vine count is still under 10. I never got round to using snapchat.

Without me noticing it, I reached 1001 instagrams a couple of weeks ago. This was taken when mm and I drove out to South Bay on a nice cool evening and the place was empty. The lifeguard towers looked sad and forlorn on the beach.

instagram temp tattoos #picattoo


I bought a box of boomf marshmallows for my niece’s birthday last year and she was so pleased with it that she still hasn’t opened the box. The idea is to order 9 marshmallows on the boomf website based on 9 instagram pics; or 9 marshmallows from the same instagram pic; or a composite of 9 marshmallows from one instagram pic.

Anyway, the idea is to link instagram with products. Nothing new, we’ve been able to order all sorts of products from cups to caps to calendars from pics for ages.

The newest fun thing to do with instagram is via Rotterdam-based picattoo. For $15 including worldwide shipping we get 12 temporary tattoos sourced from instagram. Lots of potential fun for these cute tattoos, or even useful for marketing. Interesting. 

sunset at aldrich bay


We were going to get our hair cut together, but mm was too tired and decided to wait for a couple of weeks. So I went on my own. Chatted a little with Sam (our hairdresser) and we calculate that he’s been cutting my hair for more than 15 years, may be even 20. I like him because I don’t have to tell him what to do, and he’s not talkative. He knows I don’t like talking, unlike 95% of the other customers there, so he gets on it.

I went looking for panettone afterwards, but couldn’t find any. Sigh. Bought a couple of pastries to bring to mm for tea—they were really good. She was feeling more energetic and it was a nice day so we went for a walk along the seafront next to her building. Caught the sunset too. I like the colours on this pic.

She had dinner plans with her school friends, so I stopped off at my last resort supermarket to look for the elusive panettone. Yay, found them. Got an apricot & chocolate one for mum and a marron glacé for me.

instagram twitter 001

As instagram overtakes twitter by reaching 300m mau, it’s worth looking back to my first posts on both services. Joined twitter august 2007. It’s easy enough to find a user’s first tweet through twitter’s discovery service. Not much meaning to that first tweet, which means I used it for the correct purpose, hahaha. I use twitter primarily to record my running and workouts, and for the longest time it was pretty much the only things I posted. I’m trying to vary the content a little more nowadays.


Joined instagram july 2011 and the first pic was of my kettle. Very mundane. Most of the instagrams in the first few years were of food, and like twitter I’ve tried to diversify somewhat lately. Most pics I take on the iphone get instagrammed, and as new filters are announced, my view of quick pics has changed. I took pics of the recent pannacotta I made on both instagram and my camera and as I was photoshopping the camera pics I was looking for the effects I’m getting on instagram.

All my instagrams are automatically posted to twitter, and all tweets are automatically saved to a google docs spreadsheet; the automation achieved by IFTTT recipes. Because of IFTTT I don’t have to pick any one service, they seem to co-exist quite happily. I have mostly different followers so there isn’t so much overlap.


30in30 #30 instagram challenge snack


Since yesterday was no snack day, today is let’s have a snack day. Snack also is one of the entries in the random instagram challenge I came across. I only later realise the post is 1 year old, but the entries still work.

The snack in question is very simple cheese & caramel flavoured popcorn. A small bowl, I guess it’s not heavy on the calories.

best smartphone pic

Lifehacker asked, what’s the best picture you have taken on your smartphone? Interesting. Mostly I use the iphone to instagram food pics so there are not that many that I would say come under the “best of” category.


One of the few unedited ones I have. Coast scenery whilst on a walk with mm. Nice colours and composition but, gasp, it’s vertical, ugh.

emptypianostage inst001kettle

Of the ones on instagram, the piano at concert has atmosphere and the kettle (instagram #1) has a still life quality to it.

marshmallow recipes


I came across instagrams printed on marshmallows, with a simple process:

  • login to instagram
  • pick 9 images
  • pay £12
  • “scrumptious, squishy, shareable” marshmallows appear in mailbox

Available in UK only, and £12 for 9 marshmallows is a bit steep. Good for a laugh or a personalised gift.

Found a recipe for fluffy vanilla marshmallows. The ingredient list isn’t too taxing, although I’m not sure if I can find sugar cane syrup. The process seems really fiddly and involves a stand mixer which, well, I don’t have. It’s easy enough to buy I suppose, and I think I have a cooking thermometer somewhere.

A little more digging gave me another recipe that uses egg whites — and easier for me to read because it uses metric measurements and not cups. It also uses 9 sheets of gelatine, and that’s the fiddly part for me. I’m never comfortable with gelatine, for some reason.

If I’m feeling adventurous one of these days, I’ll give making marshmallows a go.

christmas instagram

Instagram video experiment #2, christmas decoration at the mall. Went to dinner with mm, cc and am at a vietnamese restaurant at one of the malls. Good food: papaya salad, green curry vegetables, yellow curry fish, roast pork, two types of rice (ginger and coconut). Plus 4 hours free parking. Great to spend time with old friends.

elements christmas

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lunch buffet video

We had a curry buffet lunch at dickens bar, one of the old school pubs at the basement of a hotel. Not a fancy hotel buffet with lobster and movenpick ice cream, this one is solid with salads, 3 different kinds of curry, turkey (thanksgiving?), pasta, fruit, cakes and a too-dry chocolate pudding. Had a 25% discount with one of our credit cards.

I was there early so I was able to survey what was available before everyone rushed to the buffet counters. Perfect opportunity to instagram!! Tried out the video function for the first time, to test against vine.

Vine came out in the beginning of the year (I think) and was hailed as the instagram of video; no surprise that instagram itself added video around June. Both are dead easy to use and, by the large number of videos already posted on both services, will only grow and grow and grow. Lots of informative comparisons abound, and techcrunch kindly gave us a nice table:


What I like about these apps is the ease of use, and because of the short duration, it’s almost essential to pause then move onto the next frame. Pausing on video function of a camera means a second file and you need to use something like iMovie to edit sequences together. Although I ended up editing 3 instagram videos together, it’s not the usual thing to do, just like it’s not usual or necesssary to photoshop instagram photos.

At first glance, there are no fundamental differences between the 2 services, however, because of the way they evolved historically, the user base seem to be slightly different. Techcrunch again,

Where Instagram’s user base is mostly made up of people documenting their feet, coffees, and pets, Vine has attracted a group of users who are pleased by the challenges set forth in the app

Interesting observation. I must admit most of my instagrams are of food, so I sort of fall into that stereotype. Contrast to my first vine of engrish subtitles on a korean drama dvd, which falls into one of those “so bad it’s good” categories. This spontaneonity is what I like about vine, but I’ll probably end up using instagram more — I’m already ingrained into its ecosystem, and its ability to edit, add filters and delete frames is useful; plus I’m not into the instant sharing culture of vine and twitter. Definitely don’t like the gif-like constant looping of vine videos, videos that autoplay are a pet peeve of mine.

I’m quite pleased with this first effort on instagram. The filter, graininess and choppiness give it a vintage feel, almost like watching an old 8mm reel.