significant numbers


FiveThirtyEight has an interesting daily post of significant numbers in the news for the day, albeit mostly US-centric. These are some of the numbers from the past few days:

  • 1 in 5: a very sad statistic, of the approximate number of senior Japanese women who are in prison, according to Bloomberg. They deliberately commit minor crimes like shop-lifting so that they can go to a place where they have human contact and receive some care. Like the 89-year old who stole strawberries and rice; or the 80-year old serving her 4th term for stealing, amongst other trivial items, a frying pan
  • 19%: the amount by which a crytpcurrency on the Ethereum network fell in just 24hrs last weekend. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains have been touted as the future; but they’re no better than high stakes gambling
  • US$605 million: current US and Canadian box office earnings for Black Panther
  • US$1.183 billion: worldwide box office earnings for Black Panther
  • 168: largest ever one week place drop for a Billboard album, for Bon Jovi’s This House is Not for Sale, which was #1 the week before due to concert ticket tie-in with CD sales
  • 364: Angela Merkel was re-elected to a 4th term as chancellor by members of the Bundestag, 364 for vs 315 against
  • US$20 billion: global sales of plasma in 2015; plasma can’t be manufactured so it must come only from donors