photofriday: blur


This week’s photofriday challenge is blur.

This bokeh-like pic was taken in Melbourne in February 2017, the first night we got safely back after being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no engines. Full moon so we took a walk on deck 7 after dinner. The camera was trying its hardest to autofocus so I clicked the shutter while it was still focusing. Then i tried to blur the image using manual focus. And played with the iphone too, it focused quicker so I had to click faster.

photofriday nature


Photofriday challenge this week is Nature.

They changed the website in September, instead of linking to our own page we upload a pic to theirs. Modern thumbnail look, infinite scrolling page etc. Need to create an account there now. On the one hand I get why, because the flickr links were getting ridiculous and the whole flash display was slow AF. The cynical me thinks it’s all to do with data mining, because that’s what it takes nowadays. I’m having problems both signing in and uploading images, and it’s not worth my trouble to dig into why.

Anyway, the pic I would have submitted is of the Mendenhall glacier in Alaska, which mum and I saw when we went on our cruise a couple of years ago. It’s probably one of the most photographed glaciers, seeing that it’s quite accessible and so many people have gone to Juneau. I’m reminded of how fragile our planet is, the glacier has receded a lot in recent years and we really have to watch climate change.

photofriday: yellow

Photofriday challenge this week is yellow.

title: tram from castro to the ferry terminal, san francisco
description: each tram is distinctive and meticulously archived; #1811 is a Peter Witts design repainted into the original 1928 Milan livery of yellow and white with black trim
date: october 2006

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photofriday: stillness


The first photofriday challenge of 2015 is stillness. This was one of the shortlisted 2014 favourites that didn’t make the final 10.

title: antelope island state park, utah
description: Antelope Island state park is the largest island on the Great Salt lake outside Salt Lake City in Utah. The barren yet beautiful scenery consisted of beaches and deserts; the hot day making it hazy like a painting
date: july 2014
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sisuk158bluewhale ldn119bigben

The theme for this week’s photofriday challenge is big so I searched through my flickr archive. With 23,000 pics there has to be one that fits right? The first pic is of the blue whale at the natural history museum. Good. Blue whales are big. Then it gave me big thunder mountain at disney world and big ben. Also good, keyword match.

lolla021crowd islay332bowwash

The rest of the search results included all pics from bear country, because in the description I said big horn sheep. By the same logic it gave me lollapalooza 2009 (big crowds) and the visit to Bowmore distillery 2012 (big conglomerate).

Not the search results I wanted, except perhaps the blue whale. However, I don’t like submitting snapshots to challenges. There has to be at least some technique or composition or something more thoughtful. So what image would be best to convey big? The usual suspects came to mind as I proceeded to search again.

big sky — the parent-child tree at hokkaido:

big ocean — surfer at bondi beach:

big nature — frozen niagara falls :

big buildings — skyscrapers in central district:

big machine — snowplough engine at white pass railway:


big food — steak at maze grill:

This is both an easy and hard photo challenge. The current submissions aren’t that helpful either, most people have gone for the easy option. Big scenery, big statues, big heart represented by someone wearing a t-shirt with a heart (seriously?). Some are quite irrelevant too. I’m undecided on this challenge, I don’t think I have found the perfect pic to submit. May be it’s a mood thing, that I’m in the mood for something intense and broody and all I can find are literal interpretations.

p.s. the google image search for “big” gives very…interesting results, mainly of human bodies partially covered by small pieces of cloth. May be they’re supposed to be attractive but I find these images of stupid big brother contestants, big muscles and big boobs to be off-putting.

photofriday: simplicity


This week’s photofriday challenge is simplicity. This was an accidental shot taken at the Chicago Air and Water show a few years ago. I was focused on capturing the US Navy’s Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets as they flew past in formation. I didn’t even see the seagull until I sorted the pic.

I like this because it’s also as if the seagull was flying straight towards the planes, but of course it was just the angle. Seems so much like a photoshopped image, but I know it wasn’t. And anyway, I had a nice day, even though it was hot and I spent hours sitting on the hard concrete of the jetty at north avenue beach.

If ever I make a poster of my work, this will be a good contender. <

30in30 #27: photofriday textures


Task #27 of 30 in 30 is to submit to a photo challenge. This is for photo friday: textures and is from Sunday’s outing to Deep Bay. One part of the bay is a small fishing village where there are oysters and various dried fish. I’ve tried to show the contrast in textures between the rough and sharp oyster shells which are discarded along the bay and the flatness of the water. Not sure how successful it is.

photo friday: relationship


The theme for this week’s photo friday is relationship. While I have a few hundred pictures with mm, I didn’t want to enter those. It’s boring for other people to see pictures of us. Plus, I would never allow personal pictures to be seen in public. <

This one was taken at Lake Tarawera near Rotorua in New Zealand. It’s a pretty lake, not the prettiest we saw on that trip. We were there late afternoon so it was quiet, it was nice to spend a few minutes enjoying the water and the small sandy beach. I took this picture of our shadows in the shallow water, it was a spur of the moment shot, the light was just right. [#262]

dead of night


This is my entry for this week’s photo friday challenge — Dead of Night. Usually I’m intimidated by the quality of photos there, but this time I thought what the hell. My entry is #130 in case anyone want to vote for it. This was taken from one side of the Bellagio fountain looking towards the other side. The cloud at the bottom is the remains of dry ice after the half-hourly fountain display.

photo friday

Looking around for something to do, submitted an enty to photo friday, my first. It’s such a coincidence, I’m sorting out the gallery pictures and I find I like taking pictures of water most, so this week’s challenge, ocean, is perfect.

I submitted probably the oldest of my favorite pictures, the lighthouse at corbiere, more usually known as jerseyblue. Entry is #216.