my lego


Yet another thing to add to my list of things I can buy for my niece. And as usual, something I want to get for myself.

For £19.99, I can order my own lego keychain with a lego figure that looks like me. They need a picture of me as well as some personal details like hobbies, favourite colour, usual clothing and such like. They say they have millions of combinations of head and body parts. An example of personalisation:

Molly normally wears blue jeans and a pink t-shirt. She has red hair and thick rimmed glasses.

There’s also a framed figure for £29.99 but I think the keychain is more practical. UK company so UK delivery but they also deliver to a few other countries. Firebox sells all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets, although I think I should be able to get them much, much cheaper on taobao.

make your own slime


I remember playing with slime when it oozed into the world. It came in one colour, green, and was icky and fun at the same time.

TIL not only has it endured the years, it’s now possible to buy kits to make your own, and somene reviewed the best slime-making kits. Just in time for Christmas. According to the testers at Wirecutter, slime can be made from everyday ingredients including glue, contact-lens solution or borax, baking soda, and optional mix-ins, such as food coloring or glitter. The kits come in convenient packages that saves parents the trouble of hunting down the ingredients. And look better as a present.

I would have loved to be one of the testers. It took only around 10mins to make each batch, so it was quick fun. The best kit according to the testers is Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Slime Super Slimy, the name alone is worth one extra mark. It came first because

it included all the required ingredients packaged as safely as possible, and it offered the biggest variety of mix-ins for making all different kinds of slime

including all the bowls, cups and spoons needed.

The runner-up Mr. E=mc² DIY Slime Kit gave the most and best quality slime but fell down in the areas of packaging and didn’t include bowls and such. It’s also more expensive. Looking further though, it’s from a husband and wife company in Minnesota who develops, tests and assembles the kits with the help of their kids. Compared with the brand name Nickelodeon product, it’s worth the additional price, I think.

Um, not that I’m going to buy a make your own slime kit. Well, may be not.

tesla model S for kids

We’ve been seeing a lot of Tesla cars on the road. When it first came out, it was a rarity and we made it a game to spot different colours. Now, they’re everywhere. I was waiting for mm to arrive in ryan and in the space of 5-10mins saw 4 different Teslas up and down our street.


Now ready for pre-order and available in May, the Tesla model S for kids made by Radio flyer. There’s a lot of realistic details:

working headlights, standard Model S paint schemes and a sound system that will accommodate a mobile device for some road trip tunes. What’s more, the children’s option has two speed settings that top out at 3 MPH and 6 MPH respectively.

We had an electric car when we were kids, it was state-of-the-art in those days. I wonder if I can fit inside this kids’ Tesla?

The only thing I don’t like about the whole thing is the ad where all the drivers are boys except for the one girl who is chugging along slowly. I actually tweeted @radioflyer:

japanese miniature meals

The combination of reddit and Japanese things gives new meaning to weird. These are, for want of a better description, miniature happy meals that you make by mixing packets of powder with water and microwaving.


This kit by Kraci and called Hamburger Popin’ Cookin’ kit DIY candy, is available on amazon. Apparently taste of the real things (burger, fries, ketchup, cola) as opposed to candy flavoured. There are other kits: sushi, donuts, cake. A 9 box bundle is also available for only $15.47 (plus shipping). Tempted for the silly fun factor.

scooter tricks

One of my fb friends said she got a new scooter. It turned out she meant the motorcycle scooter, like a Vespa. But my first thought were the skateboard-with-handlebars that were the rage that year I was in NY. Like everyone else, I got one as well, and gave it to my niece a few years later. And I discovered that there are people who do scooter tricks, like skateboards. Wow.

lego life of george

I bought this fantastic lego game life of george for my niece. No idea why the name, but it doesn’t matter. This is the future.

The box comes with 144 standard lego bricks and a small board with grid markings. Before playing, I downloaded the app. The app gives pictures of what to build, the idea of the game is to build the same model using the physical bricks within the time allowed, then take a picture with the iphone. Scores are based on accuracy and time.

There are different levels, single- and two player modes and we can even create our own models. I wanted to get this a while ago, and had been waiting for my US trip, the price difference ($29.99 vs £29.99 — seriously) made it worthwhile to wait. We had a lot of fun, my niece and I. She’s much better at creating models and I’m better at making according to the pics.

electronic bubble wrap game


Japan is known for its gadgets and games. I had one item on my shopping list — if I saw it I’d buy it, if I didn’t I would have left it till next time. First reported on bb, it’s the puchi puchi electronic bubble wrap toy from Bandai. The premise of this tiny game is to replicate the feel and sound of popping bubble wrap. After 100 pops the device will emit a special sound — door chime, dog barking or supposedly a woman moaning in ecstasy.

I looked for it in Shinjuku but no luck. Today we were in Ginza and I looked at the toy store where it was prominently displayed next to the cashier. ¥819 is about $7.20.

Okay, I admit it. There’s no point to this game. But like most people I like playing with bubble wrap and this one has the potential to become addictive.

when I was young …

Top 100 Toys, as remembered by the people at TV Cream. Decidedly British focus, and I remember them soooo well.

Among the entries:

#93. Rubik’s cube — I have a cheat sheet which I followed, but I never got to solving it on my own. And I thought I was good at puzzles.

#90. Mastermind — no, not the Magnus Magnusson show, which was damned hard. A deceptively simple guessing game that can be played in silence. It’s great.

#69. Twister — amazing that it’s still played. Yay.

#66. Downfall — yes, I can see that box, still in my parent’s house.

mastermind   downfall

#47. Operation — teehee, who can forget “butterflies in stomach”, snerk.

#43. Slime — if ever there was a definition of my childhood, it’s this viscous mixture of latex, wallpaper paste and food colouring. Man it was fun, it crackled, there were bubbles. But who can forget when it got filthy and dried out eventually.

#40. Game & watch — before Gameboys, before PSPs, there were the donkey kongs on these credit sized tiny devices. Had loads of them, I wonder where they are now?

slime   gamewatch

#32. Tiny tears — hate it, my question is, what is her left hand doing? Hmm.


And finally, the top three, and how boring:

#3. Action Man
#2. A computer
#1. A bike


Now wait a minute, where is the Lego? Where is Monopoly?

a new toy

Warning: Adult content!

From wired.

I hardly write about adult toys but this was too good to resist. With this new toy, sending text messages to a loved one will never be the same.

Imagine if the text message is more than just words of affection? That the message, sent via bluetooth, actually triggers vibrations in a, um, bullet worn, um, inside. The bullet is activated by pre-programmed 6-digit tags in the incoming text message. Then each of the 26 letters of the alphabet have a range of movement profiles, speed and time settings. The manufacturer claims that each letter has 45 possible effects.

Gives “I’m thinking of you” a new meaning.

Compatible with modern bluetooth phones. Yes I see mine on the list.

What’s the name of this wonderful toy? The Toy. Huh.

The Toy costs a whopping €295 or $350 with $30 shipping. Wow. But it doesn’t seem to live up to its hype. Hmmm. Another good idea but not good execution.