hair this side and that

I couldn’t stand it anymore, my hair looked and felt awful. I’ve been struggling for over half a year to find someone to cut my hair properly and it’s been no luck so far. I’ve had a total of 2 people cut my hair regularly during my adult life, I wasn’t hopeful I’d find someone here.

The other day I was coming home from running and I remembered there was a newish place around the corner, on Broadway. So I went to make an appointment yesterday. Almost didn’t, cos they had a dog inside the shop!

I was pleasantly surprised today. The stylist was knowledgeable, the first person ever to actually take a look at how my hair grew and how it can look better. The one thing he suggested was for me to part my hair on the right so it flows with how it grows from the crown. Wow. I’ve always parted my hair on the left, it feels uncomfortable. But, actually, it looks good.

Unbelievably, people < a href=”” title=”truemirror”>study how the side that you part your hair is an indication of your personality. srsly.