chicago deep dish pizza


We had a visitor from the london office this week, and my nice colleagues took her out for chicago style deep dish pizza. I tagged along to Lou Malnati’s, which according to some people, has the best deep dish pizza in town.

The pizza itself was pretty good. We had two: the Lou’s which is spinach, mushroom and sliced tomato; and the sausage. Personally I prefer the vegetarian one, the sausagemeat was a whole layer spread on the crust which was too much for me. Man, the slices were thick and the crust as crunchy as expected.

What I can say is that the pizza is the best thing at the place, possibly the only good thing. Service was mediocre, on the slow side. Initially they placed us in a desolate upstairs area when downstairs wasn’t even full. We had to ask to be moved downstairs to better surroundings. The pinot noir we ordered with the pizza wasn’t bad. Compared with Giordano’s I probably prefer the latter.