experiencing blindness

I’ve always known that out of all my senses, sight is the one that I depend on most. I’m very weak on hearing — is there a hearing equivalent to dyslexia? Many times I hear people speak but can’t get the words or string the words into a sentence. The others are at best average. Sometimes at night when I go to the bathroom I keep my eyes closed and I’m able to move around with no problem. But that’s because I know the layout of the apartment.

What if I’d never seen it? What is it like to experience blindness?

If I’m in Atlanta this year, I’d like to go to the dialogue in the dark exhibition. This is a travelling exhibition originating in Germany that has already been to 22 countries and opened the eyes (pun not intended) of 5 million visitors to a one hour experience where:

visitors are led by blind or visually impaired guides through a specially constructed and totally darkened Exhibition, in which sounds, wind, temperatures, and textures convey the characteristics of common daily environments such as a park or cityscape.