basic DIY

Contrary to certain stereotypes I’m absolutely crap at DIY. I can change lightbulbs, wire a plug and assemble Ikea furniture. I don’t own a drill. Tinkering with my car? Forget it. I don’t even know how to change tires — I know how to check oil level and refill windscreen wiper fluid, that’s it.

So the w.c. has been dripping for a while — a steady drip drip sound, but no visible leak. I googled a bit and it seems the most obvious culprit is a leaky flapper valve. There were so many to choose from at home depot I got the most generic looking one. Now I have “change toilet flapper valve” in my repertoire of DIY activities I can do. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s pathetic. It’s like someone getting excited they can add “whisk eggs” to their cooking abilities.