#58(10) savoury dish: cauliflower cheese


It doesn’t get more traditional than cauliflower cheese. And no, New York Times, it’s NOT cauliflower and cheese. No, no, no.

I used yellow cauliflower, so now I’ve had white, green and yellow. Next up, purple.

  1. trim off leaves, steam the whole head for about 15mins till tender
  2. cut into florets, arrange in a single layer in oven dish
  3. make a roux from 2oz butter, 3tbsp flour
  4. add about 3/4 pint milk (I used a mixture of cream and milk) slowly, stirring constantly until just bubbling
  5. add 4oz shredded cheese
  6. pour sauce over cauliflower, season
  7. bake at 200°C for 30-40mins until golden brown

Big, big difference between this one and what used to be served to us at school. No comparison.