vegetarian burgers


I seem to have developed an obsession with vegetarian burgers recently. They’re so simple to prepare — microwave or grill — and go well with the rocket, pepper and cherry tomato combination I seem to have permanently in my fridge. I agree mostly with serious eat’s taste test, that commercial burgers are pretty much what you’d expect packaged food to taste like. The original flavours seem to be the best, and since I eat the burger plain without bread, the taste (or lack of) really comes through.

The natural next step for me is to make my own. This is based on 101 cookbook’s ultimate vegetarian burger recipe, with modifications. This is for 12 burgers.

  • blend 2 cans chickpeas with 4 eggs until smooth(ish)
  • season with rosemary, thyme, s&p
  • add half a tub alfafa sprouts and 2 chopped up portabello mushrooms
  • mix in about 250g breadcrumbs and leave for 5mins
  • shape into burgers and grill

A tad on the dry side, I’ll use less breadcrumbs next time. Other vegetables can be used, I like having mushroom. Heidi makes thicker burgers, split them in half and use as the bread equivalent. I might try that next time.