london day 6: walking, walking, walking

ldn138jacket ldn145goldhind

Checked out of the hotel and made my way to moga to get my hair cut this morning. Mr Koh is no longer there, so I just asked them for whoever was free as all the stylists are good. It’s official, I am a creature of habit. Even after so many years away, I go back to the places I know.

Had a few things to buy, but mostly I had oodles of time on my hand. Emailed J to ask if she would like to join me for fish’n’chips dinner — she offered last night, but I wouldn’t have had time to get back to Victoria.

So I walked for 4 hours. From Bond Street all the way to Foyles, where I finally bought Potter 7, as well as a couple of City tell-all books. Had an internal debate about where to go for late lunch. If I let my feet direct me, I’d end up at belgo again. The choice finally came down to chinatown or jacket potato at covent garden. The jacket won. I had it with beans and sour cream. it was fantastic. It was only later that I realised I could have gone to Stockpot. Had frozen yogurt at snog, I guess their selling point is their name.

London has changed somewhat. The Swiss Centre is no longer there; my favourite second hand book store had moved; Lillywhite’s has gone downmarket. Most of the department stores are still there, and there are at least 3 Uniqlo stores. I bought the snowglobe that Car asked me to. And for some odd reason, a west ham scarf and a chelsea shirt with frank lampard’s name on the back. Looked at getting an england world cup shirt, too expensive at £40.

Ended back at Bond Street, having walked a full circle. Took the tube back to the hotel, picked up my luggage and headed to J&R’s home. We had dinner at the golden hind, which apparently is quite famous. I had haddock, chips and mushy peas. It was byo, so we took a nice bottle of wine.


Flight tomorrow morning is at 8am, so I’d made a reservation at yotel, a japanese capsule style hotel at terminal 4. It’s very interesting. The corridor was like a space ship, and inside it was…purple lighting. Tiny space, every inch of what they call the cabin was functional. A bed inside what looks like a pod, a folding table, folding chair at the back of the door, a narrow glass-walled en-suite shower. Free wi-fi. For my purpose, staying overnight at the airport, or for transit passengers, this is perfect. I dealt with mafia wars stuff, watched election stuff and felt comfortable in the bed. I’d stay here again.