back to routine

Back to doing the usual stuff — running, cooking, laundry. Running was horrible. I did 8k and just couldn’t get a rhythm. The outsides of both feet hurt. Left knee threatened to give out a couple of times. Whole left leg was stiff. It’s only been a week, I can’t believe how out of practice I got, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve had a week off running. Hmm. May be it’s too much eating. All those fry-up breakfasts at the hotel surely didn’t help.

Got 4 chicken leg quarters from edgewater produce yesterday, at 45cents a pound. Total cost $1.70. Incredible value. Chopped them up into 8 pieces, took out the skin and roasted with thyme and cumin. There is a difference when cooking with herbs and spices, I must remember that.

Watched another dvd, then settled to an evening of reality tv. TAR final was satisfying and celebrity apprentice wasn’t as boring as usual.