I was saddened to learn that Prof Fritz Sennheiser has passed away. He was of course the founder of Sennheiser, one of the biggest names in audio technology. Microphones, speakers and headphones with the Sennheiser name usually mean high quality.

When I started using my ipod again, I was immediately on the lookout for earphones to replace the original apple ones. Shures and Boses were too expensive. Skullcandies didn’t fit. Everywhere I looked, the answer was Sennheisers. For everyday listening, I use the twist-to-fit models. I used the green ones for running for the longest time until I broke the arm so I was on the lookout for replacement ones last week.

These are adidas branded but made by Sennheiser pmx680. I was at first skeptical of the behind the head arrangement cos I thought there won’t be room around my ears to fit these and my glasses. Turns out, I didn’t have to worry. These absolutely stay in place, even better than the twist-to-fit. The sound quality is excellent and I like how it comes with a short cord for armbands and an extension for other use. I’m not using the armband anymore, having switched to a spibelt (well, Nathan shadowpak), that’s another post.