con saturday


The day began with the keynote speech with Lee Lynch. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. What an amazing, friendly, generous person, completely without pretension, treats everyone like a personal friend. The rousing standing ovation was well deserved.

Then it was time for the author auction. There were the expected — rachel’s and lynn’s outfits; kg lost her sandals. But there were a few unexpected turns too. I have pics, but I’m not going to post them. Not that they are particularly risque, just that out of respect for the authors’ regular lives, the auction is something that should be kept private. The only remaining note is that over $3000 was raised.

I had a short meeting after lunch, so missed some of the sessions. Skipped the last session to go running. I treated myself to an ice cream after running, but got into a bit of frustration. Ordered a double cup, 2 different flavours. Not sure if the server was new or what, she gave me 2 single cups and charged me like that. According to her nametag she is from estonia and looked so lost, I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her anymore.

Printed my boarding pass, and was on my way back to the room when I got sidetracked into hanging out at the bar. Ended up having 2 beers, in my crappy t-shirt and shorts. Heehee.

The main event this evening was the award and dance. My hat did its rounds again, and I took lots of pics. This one is of the Outsiders group winning the award for short story/collections. I think it’s iconic and captured a nice moment. All the awards were well deserved and I’m happy for all the winners. Afterwards was the dance. I pretty much stayed till the end, there was enough to keep me busy without going dancing.

Car and her mom drove back tonight, so I had the room to myself.