#67(7) new restaurant in toronto


My previous experience with chinese buffets in the US was in NYC. All I remember was the sheer amount of food, the crowds, and it bears repeating, the sheer amount of food. This one in Toronto, Imperial Buffet, is no different.

Except there was even more food.

My relatives took us to the one at Ajax, apparently it’s the best. The main attraction was the mountain of alaskan king crab legs. Cold and hot. Clams, mussels, sushi, fish, salad, prime rib, 3 stations of hot food, chocolate fountain, huge dessert station, ice cream.

Everything was good. I tried to limit to only the food I wanted to try, and to limit the size of the portions. Easier said than done. The crab legs were as good as expected. The prime rib was tender but a bit tasteless. The vietnamese rice roll was scrumptious. And there was a coconut ice cream that was particularly nice.

Gah. I’m stuffed.