deep dish pizza at gino’s east


What food is Chicago most famous for? Ask this of 10 Chicagoans and most likely the answer is chicago deep dish pizza. Ask 10 Chicagoans where the best deep dish pizza can be found, and be prepared to start a war.

One of the deep dish pizza places, and probably the oldest, is gino’s east. Giordano’s has stuffed pies, Lou’s has, well, the Lou. And Gino’s has the sauce.

They don’t take reservations, which was just as well cos we were early. Walking through the cavenous space with graffiti on every conceivable surface was an experience. We ordered half cheese and half sausage pizza, plus a salad. The pizza is made to order, and they warn us it’d be 45mins. We knew that, so weren’t bothered. Nibbling on the salad and drinking lots of diet coke was perfectly fine.

And when the pizza finally arrived, it was hot, and huge, and the sausage spread all over the base. The crust had gino’s signature cornmeal, and was crunchy and yummy. The sauce was as good as expected. In other words, the whole experience was delicious. We could only manage one slice each, and were happy to take the rest with us.

Even though we were full, Mum and I went over to cheesecake factory to get a special treat — red velvet cheesecake. Again a huge slice, the three of us couldn’t even finish one. A perfect foodie evening.