long slow run


18.20km 2:05:00hr 6.51min/km

The training plan is based on an easy run, a tempo or speedwork run and a long slow run every week. Additional easy or tempo run optional. This weekend’s LSR is supposed to be 19km at 7.16. So I did 18km at 6.51, I was already shuffling and being passed by all and sundry, I don’t think I can go slower!

I guess with the limited training time this is the taper for the half-marathon next week. The idea of a taper is not to hit the race distance in the weeks before the race, but to come close and let adrenaline carry the extra distance at the race. It makes sense. If I can get to 18k, it should be ok to go the additional 3k under race conditions.

Back to today’s run. Yes, it’s a distance PR (though i’ll break it next week). I’m less interested in the distance as I am with how I feel. I started slow and took it very easy all through. It was hot, but fortunately dry and occasionally breezy. The lessons learned: don’t be too ambitious with speed, carb-load beforehand and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.