meeting db


My friend db is flying home from Rochester NY to Fairbanks AK. It’s a long, long journey with many legs, including a 20-hour overnight layover in Chicago. So when she asked, it was very easy to offer accommodation for the night. I went to ORD to pick her up, her plane arrived but they had to wait for a free gate, how silly. Then she picked up the wrong suitcase from baggage claim cos we were too busy chatting. Heehee.

We wanted Japanese dinner but both places around here were closed. We ended up at Hamburger Mary’s. I had the mushroom burger, it was great. I intended to have half and save the other half for lunch tomorrow, but I ended up finishing the whole thing.

Not a lot of fancy stuff at home for guests, I hope she’s comfortable. She’ll have to make her own way to the airport tomorrow. I got her a CTA pass though.