101 tasks in 1001 days final

To recap, I set myself 101 tasks in 1001 days:

  • mission: complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days
  • criteria: tasks must be realistic and specific, requiring actual effort and with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined
  • start: Saturday 1 December 2007
  • end: Saturday 29 August 2010

The result:

  • out of 101 total: 52 completed
  • weighted: 57.7 completed
  • including sub-tasks: 147 tasks completed / 232 total

Basically, I set myself 232 tasks, not 101. Some of them I didn’t have an opportunity to do (visit India as a tourist); some I didn’t find the time (go rock climbing) and some I no longer have the interest in doing (10 photoshop tricks). I’ll roll over most of the remaining ones to a new list, and this time only 1 task per unit.