chinon: a new favourite wine


I discovered chinon at 10cases when I asked for a lighter red wine that wasn’t watery. It was a good price too. Chinon is a red wine from the Loire valley made of around 90% cabernet franc and 10% cabernet sauvignon. I’ve been seeing this chinon 2011 at a couple of supermarkets. It’s more expensive than the usual new world cabs and pinots and old world plonk, but half the price of my favourite chateauneuf. It’s light but has body. Fruity, easy on the palette and very little tannin aftertaste.

In other news, mm and I met for happy hour. Selected cocktails at half price. She had a Pimm’s Royale and I had a Tequila Smash which was tequila, ginger beer and I think the menu said a splash of Laphroaig or Stolichnaya (I was deciding between different cocktails so got the ingredients a bit mixed up).