#70: new restaurant seattle: five point café

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Tasks #69-73 are to visit five new restaurants in five different cities. This is the second one.

Mum and I got to Seattle after flying to Vancouver and driving down. By the time we checked into our hotel, got settled and everything it was too late to venture downtown. The friendly cashier at the nearby Walgreens directed us to the 5 point café which is somewhere between a diner and a bar. I had chicken fried steak and Mum had the steak dinner. Large portions and even though we were pretty hungry after our long day we couldn’t finish the large mound of mash that came with each dish. The food tasted okay, no complaints.

They also had nice craft beers, I had two: a Maritime Pacific dark and an amusingly named Northwest Crazy Bitch IPA. The bill came to $50 including tips.