cruise alaska day 04: at sea

Breakfast was at the restaurant. I had a some fruit followed by salmon cream cheese bagel. All pretty tasteless unfortunately. The tea was english breakfast but not strong enough—usual American mistake of adding the tea bag to not-boiling water instead of water to teabag.

There was a shopping event, with apparently low prices. Mainly clothes like t-shirts with Soutn America logos (guess that’s where the golden was previously), accessories like belts, scarves and hats. Really boring. I went and did laundry. $2 per load, I brought laundry sheets myself.

gold225mussels gold227mixedgrill

Lunch was at the restaurant: green lipped mussels, cobb salad, mixed grill, ice cream. Again, the seafood was good and the meat overcooked. I asked for a second helping of the mussels and I got a second helping.

gold121piazza gold143vines
gold136intcafe gold138intcafe
gold232rouladepistachio gold233cheesecakechoc

What’s new on Princess is the international café on deck 5, open 24hrs for soup, sandwiches, snacks, cookies, pastries and dessert. We got blueberry roulade, pistachio pudding, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate opera to enjoy in our cabin. There is zero possibility of going hungry on this cruise. Had to burn off some of that by walking around the deck, even though it was very windy.

gold259shrimp gold260bananasfoster

Formal dinner. Most people had changed, although I didn’t see many tuxedos or evening gowns. Mainly suits, ties, neat tops or sparkly outfits. Some were in normal casualwear but no one was bothered. Dinner was nice again: stilton mousse with waldorf salad, asparagus soup, shrimp danielle (grilled with rice), bananas foster. I had a glass of rosé.

There was a champagne waterfall show in the piazza after dinner, plus a crew presentation. The captain said a few words too. We went back to change before going to the show at the theatre. It was called Stardust and had songs from the 1940s-1960s. Mum recognized many of the songs but the only one I knew was Unforgetable.

Got a john jacob rye from the bar to try. It was okay.