cruise alaska day 08: ketchikan


Woke up at 6.45am, the ship had already docked at Ketchikan. We didn’t have many plans so we had breakfast at the buffet: egg white omelette with vegetables cooked to order with grilled tomato, baked apple and watermelon. While waiting for Mum to get ready I saw a couple of bald eagles flying past.

ket012welcome ket013street
ket084creekstreet ket108creekstreet

By the time we made it to shore it was 8.30am. We got a walking map from the information centre and caught the free shuttle bus to the totem heritage centre. There was an entrance fee of $5 so we didn’t go in. Walked back to town along the river, to married man’s trail and then to creek street. Creek Street was the main attraction of Ketchikan, a boardwalk built over the Ketchikan creek with houses on stilts. Most of the buildings were touristy shops selling souvenirs, t-shirts, jewellry, salmon. We bought a 4-pack of smoked salmon to go with the canned salmon we bought in Juneau.

Mum decided to shop at this one store for a long long time, and I got impatient. There was very little time left before all aboard, sigh. It was a rush to go to the fish place to get takeaway king crab legs and to get final souvenirs.

ket161lunchfeast ket166kingcrab

In any event there was a long queue to get back to the ship because the forklift that was supposed to lift the gangplank malfunctioned. It took over an hour to clear the queue. We enjoyed our lunch feast of king crab legs together with some salad from the international café and salmon with salmon cakes from the salmon bake on deck 14.

gold331escargot gold332tianshrimcrab
gold335lobster gold334rockfish

Spent the afternoon reading, got an alaskan amber ale and a knob creek from the bar. Dinner at the restaurant, second formal night: escargot, tian of shrimp & crab, salad, cold apple & goat’s cheese soup, lobster, rockfish, baked alaska, cherry sorbet. Our waiter brought us extra portions of lobster so altogether we had 5 portions of mains. That needed some walking on deck 7 afterwards.

I put a load of laundry in, we got changed and went to see a show. This was called British Invasion and this time I recognised the songs: mainly Beatles, Queen and the Stones. Finished the last of the wine, two bottles was more than enough.