cruise alaska day 10: disembarkation–>vancouver

Woke up around 7am, the ship was already docked back at Pier 91 at Seattle. We didn’t have to vacate our cabin till 8am so we got breakfast from deck 14: cream of wheat, croisant, fruit. After breakfast and a last check, we took our luggage and bade farewell to our cabin. We had to take our own luggage down to the casino for assembly, our bags were full so it was a little bit strenuous, not helped by idiots who don’t even hold the lift doors. There was a short wait till our turn was called. It was less comfortable than using the ship’s services but it meant we were inside the terminal a lot faster.

Shuttle back to the carpark was uneventful, we were in the car and on our way by 9.15am. We’d rather struggle a short way with our luggage than have to wait around for a couple of hours on the ship.

On the way to Vancouver, on the I-5 we stopped at the outlet. Mum and I both bought jeans at $19.99, and mine were 501s to boot. Additional shopping at Gap and I also bought a pair of brightly coloured Kinvara 3s.

I delayed our stop and lunch till we were less than 30 miles from the border. Petrol (okay, okay, gas) is cheaper in the US than in Canada so I wanted to fill up as late as possible. We ended up having lunch at a Denny’s. After a week of good quality seafood and delicious king crab legs, we were pleasantly surprised at what we ordered. A three course set with salad, prime rib skillet and mini apple crisp for me, mini banana split for mum plus one diet coke came to $30 with tips. The skillet tasted quite alright.

There was no delay at the border, just a couple of standard questions, and we were back on BC-99. There was quite a bit of traffic in the city as soon as we hit the airport, we found the Ramada Inn on Granville with little problem and were checked in by 4pm.

yvr021canadaplace yvr034steamclock

We left the car with the hotel and walked about 30mins to the waterfront near Canada Place. Mum sat down to rest while I ran over to Gastown to take pictures of the steam clock.

yvr052richmondmkt yvr075richmktcane
yvr062kebab yvr066richmktsquid

Got the skytrain to Bridgeport and walked to the Richmond night market. From our research seemed to be a really great must-see market full of international food and events. Small $2.25 entrance fee for me and mum was free. Just as well, because we were extremely disappointed. Reminded us of the carnival fair around CNY, with stalls selling cheap, tacky stuff like toys, jewellry, household goods and iphone covers. The food stalls were the same—unmemorable Asian food like noodles, fish balls, yakitori sticks. We opted for the best we could find: a middle-eastern stall selling kebabs and grilled squid. It was really hot and I was dying for a beer, but I guess because of licensing they only had sugary, artificially coloured concoctions they called mocktails.

It also got way too crowded so we took the train back downtown and walked back to the hotel. Saw a 7-eleven nearby and bought some water.