cruise alaska day 11: vancouver day 02

Woke up at 8am, Mum was pooped so she was still asleep. I let her sleep while I caught up with online stuff. She woke up after 9am and we went off for breakfast at Tim Horton’s. Sausage egg muffin, hash brown and I had a chai tea while mum had a hot chocolate. The chocolate was way better than the tea.

Got the car keys from the hotel valet as well as a $3 off coupon from the front desk and we were off to capilano suspension bridge park, about half an hour’s drive from where we were. It’s one of the top attractions in Vancouver and it wasn’t hard to see why, though of course it meant it was awfully crowded.

yvr092capilano yvr108bridge

Next to the entrance were the totem poles. Can never get tired of seeing them, I should study them in more detail. Then it was the suspension bridge, which stretches 450 feet across and 230 feet above Capilano River. There were a lot of people on the bridge which made it swing quite a bit, especially at either end. I was too focused on taking pictures I had no time to be scared of heights. The way the foot traffic went, and with me holding the camera with my right hand, I couldn’t actually hold onto the rope so I ended up walking near the middle of the plank without support.

yvr131treetops yvr135treetops

On the other side of the river was the Treetops walk, a series of small suspension bridges attached to huge trees 110 feet above the ground. This was really great fun and I did not feel any vertigo at all.

The nature walk was back on ground level, a trail through the forest that passed the river, lots of trees, a bird of prey demo and with views of both the suspension bridge and the cliffwalk.

yvr201cliff yvr215cliff

The cliffwalk was back over the other side, so a return on the suspension bridge. I had envisioned the cliffwalk as like the one in the grand canyon but this one was less scary. The floor wasn’t glass but more solid wood. Really really odd that I did not feel vertigo like I normally would. May be it was because it wasn’t a straight drop down, the high treeline and treetop canopy gave an illusion that we weren’t as high up as we were.

We had a great time at the park. Bought souvenir magnets and I had gotten stamps at various points so they gave me a “I made it” certificate. Happy.

yvr248falsecreek yvr244aquabus
yvr269granmkt yvr277granmkt
yvr291granmktlunch yvr294granmktcrab

Went back to the hotel, parked the car and walked to Horton Street dock for the aquabus to Granville Island. The trip across false creek took 5mins. Now this is what we expected of a market! Fruit & veg, deli, bakery, seafood, arts & crafts. We had a late lunch there at the food stall area: halibut & chips, clam chowder, dungeness crab. The crab wasn’t as sweet as king crab, we still enjoyed it and were glad we got to try another type of crab.

yvr317granbrew yvr318granbrew

It as a nice sunny day with lots of visitors and street performers, I was glad we didn’t drive because parking looked horrendous. We wandered around the rest of the island and came across granville island brewery. Oh I was in heaven! A small craft beer brewery just when I needed a beer. They were only licenced for tasting so they offered a flight of 3x4oz tasting glasses. I tried the maple cream ale, IPA and potato stout. The stout was nothing like guinness or murphy’s or porter, it was still quite dark but wasn’t as bitter. Mum had a ginger ale.

We retraced our steps on the aquabus and walk to the hotel. Mum took a nap while I got online again. Had a late 8pm dinner at one of our favourite places that we spotted yesterday. Alright, we went all the way to Vancouver to go to Nando’s but it is a favourite. We ordered double leg, which isn’t on the UK menu, 5 wings and garlic bread. Yummy yummy yummy, and much needed after walking the whole day.