margerie glacier calving animated gif

I’m working on sorting the cruise/Seattle/Vancouver trip pictures. From almost 3000 photos and videos I’m down to around 1600. Seattle set is uploaded and part of Juneau is uploaded. I have to wait till I get home to upload the rest because mum’s internet is too slow.

I made a few panoramas, not having the latest camera or iphone means I have to do it the old fashioned way in photoshop. I also wanted to make something interesting of margerie glacier calving. We were lucky the break was right in front of us when we were on deck, and with the camera in sports mode I was able to capture the action.

It’s easy enough to make an animated gif in imageready, although it’s been so long since I did it, I had to google the steps. With modern technology, everything that can be done with expensive software can be done with an app, usually free. So I made another one using gifmaker, the only downside is that gifmaker couldn’t handle large file sizes and I had to resize the images to 600×450. Otherwise, no difference.

But wait, there’s more. How about turning the animated gif into a video? This is what gfycat does. They converted my 11M gif to a 2M html5 video, or gfy (“jiffy”) and I can embed it.

Okay, this post has turned technical. Turning back to the glacier. We were on deck 14, port side, and everyone on the ship had their eyes and ears out for possible calving events. We were expecting a boom, but it was more like a crack followed by scratchy noises, we knew a calving was imminent. A cheer went up when it finally happened. So pleased we were there to see it.