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This week mm is on a business trip to Paris. We were messaging after she arrived and checked into the hotel; I asked her what were her dinner plans. She said she asked the concierge where the nearest Léon mussels place is and apparently it’s a 10min walk. Normally it’s fine but she’s tired and jetlagged. So I said give me the hotel address and I’ll google. Ha! She’s right around the corner from Chartier, where i’ve wanted to take her for ages. Yes, it’s noisy and touristy; the waiters are short-tempered and you have to share tables, but that’s authenticiy, non? I don’t know if she finally made it, I also told her about aux lyonnais which is a bit more upmarket and ratatouille, both are nice. Anyway according to google maps there are a number of brasseries near her hotel, she’s at Montmartre after all.

Speaking of authenticity, sis and I went to la crêperie the other day. I had a black pudding crêpe which was really nice, if somewhere in between sweet and savoury. We shared an ice cream crêpe and polished off a whole bottle of house white. Of course black pudding crêpe isn’t french, it’s a good use of mixed ingredients though. This is a nice place, it’s run by french people and serves pretty decent food.