norwegian brown cheese


We were having a sort of cruise loot dinner. Smoked salmon from Alaska and the brunost, or brown cheese, we got from Bergen. Brunost is made by boiling milk, cream, and whey slowly for several hours until the mixture solidifies. The heat gives it the distinctive brown colour and flavour. I agree with descriptions that say it’s like savoury fudge, or even a very savoury dulce de leche. The guardian said,

this is our version of Marmite: you either love brown cheese or you hate it

I can see why it’s an acquired taste. The colour is unexpected, and the deep brown of this block we got could be off-putting to some. Then there is the rich texture that sticks to the top of your mouth. And then the sweet and savoury tastes seem to flip and interchange. Apparently the Norwegians use it in stews, sauces, even with chocoate in cake, in addition to eating it on bread.

I’ve yet to meet a cheese I dislike; or an unusual food I hesitate to try. It’s definitly like marmite, and since I love marmite, I couldn’t get enough of the brunost.