long day travel

Woke up at 6am, showered, finished final packing. Out at 8am. I didn’t need to leave so early, since my flight wasn’t until noon, but I needed to fight with people going into work for taxis. As it was, it was 15mins before an empty one came by. Checked in already, so dropping off luggage and getting the boarding pass was straightforward. Interestingly, the queue for regular economy class was shorter than for members. I got the train to the airport and walked around duty free.

The flight was completely full. I had the aisle seat in the middle column and even the middle seat was occupied. Food was okay, better than the Vancouver flight. I had chicken and ice cream for lunch and fish and blueberry cheesecake for dinner. I don’t quite like CX’s new practice of serving the second meal in the middle of the flight vs 2hrs from landing. Means we had to wake up. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep, just a little here and there. Watched Lego the Movie, US masterchef and found an interesting BBC drama, The Escape Artist. Only 2 eps, it was very good.

Landed at 1.45pm, so only 1.45hrs seemed to have elapsed since I got on the plane, when in reality it was a 15hr flight. We had to taxi for a long time because another plane was at our gate and we had to wait till it left. Surprisingly I was out of immigration very, very quickly — I was 3rd or 4th in line. I was at baggage reclaim at 2.30pm. But what time I saved at immigration was useless because the luggage took a whole hour to come out. There’d be a few bags on the belt, then nothing for 5mins. So frustrating.

So it was 3.30pm before I finally escaped. Checked email to see where Carleen was, called her and she picked me up at the carpark. Very easy. We went straight to the car rental office near her place so I could pick up my rental car for the next few days. We were at her house around 5pm so door to door it took 22hrs.

Dinner was steak at longhorn, a little overcooked but still very nice, I had about 2/3 and took the rest away.

For some reason I could not log into the wifi, even though I was able to last time I was at the house. Neither the mba nor the iphone worked, but the ipad was able to get a signal. Strange. Still, I wasn’t totally without internet. Too tired to do much, went to bed even though I wasn’t sleepy by then. I was tired, but my brain was on a different timezone. Early start tomorrow.