road trip day 02: lincoln to rock springs

Leisurely start today, I was a bit bummed that they didn’t have hot water for me to make tea but it’s not a big deal. We were on our way around 9am. Drove for a bit then stopped for petrol and Wendy’s. I had a bacon burger and a few fries. The big cup of coke zero lasted me the rest of the day.


We took a quick stop at the great platte river road archway near kearney, still in nebraska. It’s a big arch that spans across the road, may be there’s a museum inside, not sure as we didn’t go in, just took a few pictures in the vicinity.

More than 300 miles of Nebraska. Not a lot to see along the highway, just farmland and more farmland. Very flat. Pretty though. At one point we drove past a cattle facility and the smell was quite overwhelming. All the “fun” of travelling.


Sometime in the afternoon we entered Wyoming. Yay, another new state. The landscape was similar to Nebraska with lot of flat farmland. Gradually it became more brown as crops and grass gave way to rock and clay. The elevation was higher and there were hills and rock formations as we travelled west.


Another quick stop when we came across the lincoln memorial along the highway. Very impressive bust of Lincoln sitting on a pedestal looking out to the road. It was also quite nice to sit out in the open for a few minutes, it was hot but not muggy, with a comfortable breeze. A few people asked me to take their pictures on their smartphones, I tend to get asked that a lot, hmm.

We stopped for the night at 7.30pm when we reached Rock Springs. Got our room, got settled and was very happy to see that the hotel restaurant had a take-away menu. Prime rib with salad, potatoes and vegetables. Took it back to enjoy in our room, and a beer too. Very nice.

Total driven over 9hrs and 700+ miles.