road trip day 03: rock springs to twin falls

Leisurely wake up, had breakfast in the hotel: cheerios, pancake, sausage and tea that tasted okay at first but wasn’t very good after a bit. Asked for directions to car wash, the automatic one was closed so had to use the manual one.


Continued on our way acoss Wyoming. The landscape was pretty, the flat farmlands gave way to cliff-like rock formations. The weather was gorgeous, blue skies almost all the way.


Since we were ahead of schedule, we decided to detour to Salt Lake City. The main attraction was Temple Square, and we were able to find a parking space close to the entrance. The visitors centers and the Tabernacle were open, but none of the other buildings were. Took pictures of the main temple and other buildings on the grounds. Grand buildings and a very neat site.


Stopped long enough at the state capitol to take a picture, then drove out of town to look for the Great Salt Lake. Got directions at a petrol station for antelope island. $10 entrance fee per vehicle to the state park was totally worth it. The island is the largest island on the lake and accessible via a narrow causeway. It was hot and the effect of the heat and may be salt made the road seem like it was shimmering. Apparently there are bisons, pronghorn antelopes, bighorn sheep and many other animals but we didn’t see any. Stopped at various points to take pictures, some of the pictures turned out to be like paintings, the scenery was so pretty.

Continued on our way and entered Idaho late afternoon. The landscape changed again, from small mountains to wide expense of land that could only be described as vast. There were few buildings and built up areas. We had a little adventure when we almost ran out of petrol before finding a station. All was well though.

Overnight stop at Twin Falls. Had a nice steak and seafood dinner, saw some fireworks on TV.