road trip day 04: twin falls to pendleton

Breakfast included at the hotel. I had half a waffle, half a slice of toast and half pot of yogurt. Tried their tea but had to give up and switch to PG.

It was a good decision to stay overnight at Twin Falls, because there are several things to see around the town. Just off the main road was a scenic viewpoint overlooking the snake river canyon. Awesome gorge, right there by the road.


It got better. A few miles beyond town was the Twin Falls Hydroelectric project. The grounds near the plant was open to the public; the view of the gorge, the lake, the dam and small waterfall was breathtaking.


And we weren’t finished. Within the same Snake River canyon area was the Shoshone Falls. Its brochure describes it as the Niagara of the West and at 212 feet high, it’s actually 45 feet taller than Niagara. Not as wide though. The viewing platforms were close to the carpark and gave spectacular views of the falls and also back towards the gorge. There was also a double rainbow when we were there. When we exited the state park, there was a queue of cars waiting to get in, so our timing was perfect.


After a quick lunch at IHOP back at Twin Falls, it was time to continue on our way. The landscape was still flat, mainly farmland or grazing land. We could see mountains in the distance. As we drove closer to Oregon, the landscape changed and it became more desert-like. The flatness gave way to hills and valleys.


The elevation increased and we found ourselves driving close to 9,000 feet mountains on both sides. Beyond the mountains was a national forest, the landscape changed yet again to trees.

Overnight stop at the Red Lion at Pendleton. Dinner at the hotel restaurant, watched the replay of Holland vs Costa Rica quarter-finals, had nachos, prime rib and a beer. Stomach wasn’t feeling too wall, a bit bloated. Food was good but service was extremely slow. Relieved to be finally in our room and showered.

After 4 days of travelling, we are just over 200 miles from Portland.