portland day 02: cycling, waterfront, bridges

port09street port10max
port11bridge port12museum

My friend A and I went into Portland today. The hotel shuttle took us to the light rail station and it was straightforward to Pioneer Square. We walked around, went to Powell’s for a little while then walked to the waterfront park. Pretty park and good view of the bridges.

Opposite the waterfront park we rented bikes for the remainder of the afternoon so we could take in more of the city. I was a little nervous as I’m not used to cycling around city streets but by and large it was okay and drivers in Portland tended to respect cyclists more than in other parts of the world (ahem, London).

We explored a few food cart areas and ended up at the same pod I was at yesterday. I thought about Ethiopian but I was hungry so I had a grilled cheese sandwich with 4 cheeses. Very rich, very stodgy, way too fattening. Plus I had it with a vietnamese condensed milk iced tea.

With all the calories I needed to cycling exercise. Went south all the way to Portland State University, stopped at a frozen yogurt place then headed back to the waterfront.

The hotel shuttle came back to pick us up, then I was at meetings. Didn’t get to eat dinner which made me cranky. One of my friends gave me cheese, whiskey and wine and I felt a bit better.