return road trip day 02: spokane to bozeman


Left fairly early and was at Staples to print out flat versions of our friends to take with us on the road trip.

Only about 1hr to the state line at Idaho. Stopped at Coeur d’Alene to: a) wash car and b) visit the very beautiful Coeur d’Alene lake. Stunning scenery, a marina, water sports including parasailing and float planes. Quite touristy and I can see why.

Continued on the I-90 and entered a new state, Montana, around mid-morning. The clock changed back to Mountain time so by the time we stopped for lunch it was past 1.30pm. Stopped at a small travelcenter complex at St Regis and had lunch at a small diner type restaurant. I had deep fried prawns, peas and rice. At the shop next door I got huckleberry ice cream, yummydelicious.


The scenery changed from desert like in Norhern Washington to more mountaneous with thick forest in Idaho to flat with rolling hills in Montana. Not many big towns, mostly small villages and communities. Farming for the most part. A very pleasant drive indeed. Even the weather was ever changing. We started the day with hot weather around 30°C, then it cooled to warm 20s. At times there were isolated heavy rain and I saw lightning at another patch of rain some ways away. Sunset was late, almost 9pm.

Dinner at IHOP, I had chicken and spinach crepe. After studying our stack of maps we decided that it was feasible to detour to Yellowstone national park tomorrow. So very excited about this opportunity. Have to get our cameras ready.

By the time we finished dinner it was getting later than usual. We were at Bozeman MT, which had a lot of shops and hotels. As usual we went to the hotel to get a room but for some reason everything was fully booked! Finally the nice receptionist at a Residence Inn called another place nearby and got us the last room available. Relieved.