return road trip day 04: devils tower


An easy day. Woke up after 9am, had breakfast and left the hotel at 11am. Still had a headache throughout the day due to late night, but it’s okay.

The target today was Devils Tower National Monument. The 856 ft high tower is made of magnum and the columns of rock are very distinctive. The tower is also recognisable from close encounters of the third kind. No aliens or mothership were seen though. There are several trails around the tower area, I scrambled up to the bottom of the rock pile, up to the point that climbing wasn’t allowed without permission. It is possible to climb the tower, with permission from the park rangers.


Within the national park was a small area where prairie dogs roamed. People could get really close to them, they were probably so used to people and cars. Quite cute.

We visited the gift shop and headed to nearby Sundance for a looksee. Nothing much to see there so we headed to our overnight stop of Deadwood. After last night’s experience we made reservations this morning. Good thing, the hotel was fully booked. Dinner at the hotel diner-restaurant. I had steak tips — deep fried tips of tenderloin. First time I tried deep fried steak, quite juicy but I don’t think it’s too healthy. Finished with apple pie and ice cream that was very good.

We reached the hotel by 5pm and by 8pm we’d finished dinner. There was time for laundry and to sort through some of the trip pics.