return road trip 05: deadwood, crazy horse

trip06boothill trip07boothill

We checked out of our western style hotel early and drove a short distance to mount moriah cemetery. $1 admission. The cemetery dated back to the days of the wild west and was where characters like WIld Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Preacher Smith were buried. There was also a spot where the US flag flew day and night and a good view of the town of Deadwood.

trip08museum76 trip09museum76

Drove to the other end of the town to the days of 76 museum. There were exhibits of early wild west days, parade, rodeo, native american artefacts, a trading post replica and a room full of stagecoaches. Outside the museum marked the spot where supposedly the first gold was found. We drove around the historic main street to take pictures of the buildings, then we were off.

trip10winery trip11winery

Next stop was prairie berry winery. Free tasting of 5 wines, I tried their fruity whites and reds. Bought their signature red ass rhubarb, made from 90% rhubarb and 10% raspberry to temper the acidity. Really great, smooth fruity red.

trip12crazyhorse trip13crazyhorse

The destination today was the crazy horse memorial. I’d vaguely heard of it before and didn’t realise how significant the site is. The sculpture of chief crazy horse was begun in the 1940s and even today there is a long way to go to completion. The fact that it’s a work in progress adds to the atmosphere. Lots of useful educational information and a show too.

We found our hotel at Custer, more a motel straight from the 1950s that was quite charming in an old fashioned way. Hadn’t eaten all day so we headed to the nearby cattleman steakhouse where we had buffalo sirloin. We thought it was a fitting revenge on the buffalo encounters at yellowstone.

We relaxed for a bit back at the hotel, then headed out at 8pm back to crazy horse monument to see the light show. With our ticket earlier we got a return ticket so it was free. The guide at the information booth also advised us to park at the upper car park and he was right. We got a perfect head-on view of the monument from the car. We set up cameras and camcorders and tripods inside the car and waited till the show started. It lasted about half an hour of laser show with sound effect. Very cool.