flight 1


A partial day today. Left around 12.30pm, Carleen dropped me at O’Hare. No queue at checkin, the lady told me I was the first person to check in on Friday. I’ve been 0004 before, but this is the first time I was 0001. I don’t know if I was distracting her, or she did it on purpose, but she gave me priority luggage tags. Yay! I won’t complain.

Security was quick too. Terminal 5 only has a tiny duty free so I wasn’t tempted. Since I didn’t bother going out to town during the week, I bought a Chicago magnet for mum at the airport.

Plenty of time till boarding so I found myself at the mexican bar. Had a michelada cocktail — lime, hot sauce, corona. Would have preferred more hot sauce and may be some worcester sauce but in general a good drink.

The fligtht was about 80% full, the middle seat was empty and I shared with a frequent flyer businessman — one of the better types of fellow passengers. Lunch was chicken cacciatore, mashed potato and vanilla ice cream. Watched Captain America, which was pretty good, a nice loud action film perfect for a long flight. Then watched a horrendous train wreck called Grand Piano. Not even Elijah Wood or John Cusack could save this, with an unbelievable and frankly stupid storyline and poor performances. Watched part of Walking Dead season 4 and Divergence until we needed to land.

Pork chop and pearl cous cous for the next meal. Instant noodles during the flight too. Don’t like the new practice of serving the second meal in the middle of the flight instead of 2hrs before landing. Difficult to sleep. Didn’t sleep very well, may be 2-3hrs overall. Crossed the international date line, so most of today and tomorrow are lost.