sisuk158bluewhale ldn119bigben

The theme for this week’s photofriday challenge is big so I searched through my flickr archive. With 23,000 pics there has to be one that fits right? The first pic is of the blue whale at the natural history museum. Good. Blue whales are big. Then it gave me big thunder mountain at disney world and big ben. Also good, keyword match.

lolla021crowd islay332bowwash

The rest of the search results included all pics from bear country, because in the description I said big horn sheep. By the same logic it gave me lollapalooza 2009 (big crowds) and the visit to Bowmore distillery 2012 (big conglomerate).

Not the search results I wanted, except perhaps the blue whale. However, I don’t like submitting snapshots to challenges. There has to be at least some technique or composition or something more thoughtful. So what image would be best to convey big? The usual suspects came to mind as I proceeded to search again.

big sky — the parent-child tree at hokkaido:

big ocean — surfer at bondi beach:

big nature — frozen niagara falls :

big buildings — skyscrapers in central district:

big machine — snowplough engine at white pass railway:


big food — steak at maze grill:

This is both an easy and hard photo challenge. The current submissions aren’t that helpful either, most people have gone for the easy option. Big scenery, big statues, big heart represented by someone wearing a t-shirt with a heart (seriously?). Some are quite irrelevant too. I’m undecided on this challenge, I don’t think I have found the perfect pic to submit. May be it’s a mood thing, that I’m in the mood for something intense and broody and all I can find are literal interpretations.

p.s. the google image search for “big” gives very…interesting results, mainly of human bodies partially covered by small pieces of cloth. May be they’re supposed to be attractive but I find these images of stupid big brother contestants, big muscles and big boobs to be off-putting.