music lab concert

We went to a concert by music lab, an orchestra of young and enthusiastic musicians. The concert was billed as multimedia, and there were slide shows and videos of artistic works created by other young people on a large projector.

The program opened with the orchestra playing Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune by Debussy followed by the Mother Goose Suite by Ravel. Good playing, and quite enjoyable. Then it was Ms Nancy Loo playing Rhapsody in Blue, she is a well known solo artist and teacher at the APA. The finale of the concert was KJ Wong playing the Asian premiere of Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky-Naoumoff. I’ve heard the piece before, but not in its entirety and it sounded very technical and difficult to master.

The main attraction of the concert was undoubtedly KJ, a sort of music wunderkid and the subject of a documentary when he was still at school. He is now in his early twenties, and presents as a mixture of arrogance and uncertainty and talent. Surrounded by almost screaming fans, of course.

For more on KJ, check out his channel or listen to him playing Etude by Emile Naoumoff. There are a few videos of other pianists playing plctures at an exhibition too, This one, audio only, is played by the master himself, Vladimir Horowitz.